The Group Fit Series

Cycle with Abby

As we get back into the swing of things, I’m itching to re-introduce The Groupfit Series. If you’re new here, welcome! Each week I will run you through a new groupfit class offered right here on campus at the Wellness Center. These classes are free and the perfect way if you’re looking to get involved on campus. This week we will focus on one of the two spin classes offered in our fall schedule. I’ll touch base on the essence of the class, introduce the instructor, and give you an overall feel for the class in its entirety. Let’s jump right in. 

This class is located in the cycle studio on the second floor by the basketball courts taught by the lovely Abby who you can immediately tell was born to be an instructor. She guided the class through the bike mechanics, explaining what we would experience throughout our workout, and she always had encouraging commentary for us throughout the entire workout. She makes it known that her class is completely beginner-friendly but also has a spicy side if you want to turn it up a notch. Abby teaches every Tuesday morning at 7, so if you can hop out of bed early enough, consider starting your day right with a killer 30-minute spin class. 

Don’t let the early start time scare you off. One pro to getting up early is that you’re up right before the sun, so while it’s a little dark in the studio, the LED lights paired with some music that’ll get your body moving, is exactly what’s needed. You’ll begin your class by getting situated on the bike as she runs you through the basic numbers on the screen. These numbers will help guide you through the intensity of each exercise. Now, I’ve tried a lot of Groupfit classes in my day, but this class especially stuck out to me because every song signified a different challenge.

Once we finished our warmup, we’d hop right into a song, and she would go over what it’d look like for us.  Whether we were tackling a hill, crushing some sprints, or hitting jumps, we did it as a group. The entire time we were all engaged and having fun with the vast variety this class offered. Who knew you could do so much sitting in one place? After all of our hard work, it’s safe to say it was the fastest 30 minutes of my life. 

As we winded down and slowed our heart rate, we made our way off the bikes for a quick but effective stretch, and just like that, you’ve completed an awesome 30-minute spin class. If you’ve ever considered trying something new on campus, you’re easing into working out, or you’re in desperate need of re-vamping your workout routine, this cycle class is calling your name. 

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