The Homecoming Show is the Best Part of the Week

Student-led and Money for Charity

With this being my final year at NDSU, I always look forward to homecoming week. The strength and pride of the bison nation is in full swing, and I love getting to feel the energy on campus. The week is packed with lots of fun activities, such as the parade and sporting events that go beyond the football game. However, my absolute favorite event to attend is the Homecoming Show and Coronation. 

I love that it has become more accessible to NDSU students by allowing them in for free, and it allows for a chance to earn spirit points for your residence hall. I may be biased, but I genuinely believe that this event has the most spirit of the week. It is put on solely by a student organization—Blue Key Honor Society—and has performers that also represent different areas of campus from Greek Life to the dance team to the Gold Star Marching Band. Blue Key also puts on the Bison Brevities Show in the spring, but this show is their big philanthropy event of the year, and a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into pulling it off. 

Not only that, but there is a silent auction that goes alongside the show, as well as a $10 ticket for non-NDSU students. The money raised always goes towards a local charity. This year, the funds will go to the 4-6-3 Foundation, which aims to reduce stigma, build hope, and end suicide. With suicide being the leading cause of death for young people in North Dakota, this charity is bringing awareness to help in the community and region. With help from NDSU, the 4-6-3 Foundation can continue their mission to “highlight the importance of access to resources and providing education about mental health”.

This year’s Homecoming Show theme is “Blast to Bison Past”, which ties in nicely with the overall theme of “All Roads Lead Home”. Coming to the show and supporting all the acts is such a fun time, and it’s always entertaining to watch. There is even a winner at the end of the night, and not just through homecoming royalty. Although, that is also where the coronation will be taking place if that is something you would like to come see.  If you are available at 7:30p on Thursday, September 28th, I hope to see you at Festival Concert Hall for the most important event of homecoming week!

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