Horses replace cars on campus

NDSU is renting out Broncos and Mustangs amid the high gas prices (gas included) 

President Dean Bresciani riding a horse by the Holiday gas station. Photo Courtesy | Cassy Tweed

North Dakota State University is working to provide cheap transportation to students this spring. Gas prices are surging as a result of global events and students are struggling to not only pay their rent, but also for their gas. NDSU saw how these gas prices were affecting students and decided to provide an alternate form of transportation by renting out broncos and mustangs from the NDSU equine center. 

Rather than return the campus bikes, which have been MIA since the start of the pandemic, administration looked to the old tradition of horseback. Not only will it be a cheap alternative to paying gas, but it will also be a boost for the environment. This will lower fossil fuel use on NDSU campus and instead replace it with massive amounts of horse feces throughout the streets. 

Parking is predicted to still be an issue in the near future, with limited spaces to park their horses while students are at class. NDSU has provided rope and a secure pole throughout their campus to accommodate for the increase in horses. Feeding troughs have also been added on the south end of campus near the babbling brook, which has been converted into a watering hole.

Strict restrictions have been enforced after a student brought her horse into the wellness center. She tied her horse to a treadmill while she attended a yoga class. When questioned why she brought the horse inside the student replied, “It was too cold to leave it outside.” Since then, NDSU has required horses to be tied to the provided poles on campus. The new regulations state that in no situation should a horse be brought inside an NDSU sanctioned building.  

Since the creation of the program, over five horses have run away from improper use of a rope. The emergency cowboy dispatchers were able to successfully lasso the horses and bring them back to the equine center. Students who misplace their horse will not receive another one. 

Students are also encouraged to bring their own horses that they may have at home in order to balance the demand for horses at NDSU. Since the creation of the horse renting system called Pony Express, students have been lined up outside the equine center waiting for a horse. 

The program allows students to rent a horse for a week at a time. Currently the students are being put on a waiting list to get their horse. 

Students need to care and feed the horse while they are renting it out. They are required to feed the horse three times with hay provided from the agriculture department. Students are also required to groom and wash their horses before they are returned. Many students tried utilizing the Loaf and Jug gas station car wash in order to clear their horses. 

NDSU has added an additional resource called MatHorse, which will replace the current bus system with a horse and buggy. The former MatBus drivers have taken an extensive one hour course on how to properly maneuver the buggy and care for the horses. 

Just like Ice-T, students are being robbed at pump nine. Rather than put up with these prices, students have decided to boycott, which has led to the increase of demand for horse rentals. Students have also replaced their cars with hot wheels and cozy coupes. 

The 19th Street Mcdonald’s has complained about the change in transportation as they released a statement saying, “Our employees are not paid to pick up your horse’s poop.” Since this statement, Mcdonald’s and other fast food chains have added horse food to their menu and stated that they have seen an increase in horse products being sold in the last month. 

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