Make America Gay Again

We need to stop acting like ‘straight’ is okay

I have lived in a red state for my entire life, and there is one main thing that I am sick of: there are too many straight people here. It is fine if they want to practice that lifestyle, but I wish they would stop shoving it down our throats. 

Being straight is a choice and one in poor taste at that. Heterosexual individuals are likely just suffering from a mental disorder or psychological trauma, there is no reason for them to be “born that way”. Being straight is not nature, if anything it is just a passing fad to get attention. Quit flaunting it.

I am not heterophobic, I just do not approve of their lifestyle. It is okay to be straight, I just wish they would stop making it their entire personality. It makes me uncomfortable. Why do you need 11 months of the year to celebrate something like that?

People nowadays are trying to flaunt how “woke” they are by pushing for the rights of straight people. They can already marry, what more do they want? On that point, just because they can legally marry does not mean that they should. My religion says that being straight is a sin, which should exempt me from having to deal with all this flavorless presentation. 

While the definition has changed over time, we should look to what best fits society today. Straight marriages only enforce toxic gender roles, as well as confuse people on who the wife is in a heterosexual arrangement. I think we need to stand up and protect the proper and sacred institution of marriage from this immoral approach. 

I am concerned about the impact straight marriages will have on society and schools as well. Taking about that kind of sexuality at such a young age can be detrimental to the children. I do not want my kids exposed to it, but it is all over the different media channels these days to fill some ridiculous conservative quota agenda. 

If heterosexuals decide to raise children, they will probably push their views and sexualities onto the kids, forcing them to be straight as well. Homosexual parents are better for children, as heterosexual sex is the number one cause for abortions. This seems contradictory to some of the stances that straight people have taken over the years, however. At least be consistent in your views.

I cannot wait to be done with North Dakota so I can go to a blue state, where folks are normal. Do better, America.

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