Dear, Patriots

Moving on is never easy

Dear, New England Patriots

It is okay. I get it. We all do. You miss him, and it is normal to feel that way. Things just weren’t meant to last forever. Did you have some laughs and maybe win a few Super Bowls along the way? Sure you did, and those are memories some you nor he will forget.

But it’s time to move on. It is time to stop tweeting at Tom. Are you happy for him? Of course you are. No, really, I believe you. The only thing is, tweeting out the social media version of, ‘Hey, glad you seem to be doing well. Hope everything else is good too’ after Tom’s Super Bowl victory last Sunday, is not the first step in finding what else is out there.

For a while there, I bet it really did seem like you and Brady were soul mates. Look at how happy he made you. He was always so loyal and never had eyes for any team but you.

I’m sure seeing Brady win with another team is painful. Seeing him post pictures in another team’s uniform or celebrating with another team’s fans. You thought he was your one and only, just you and him until the end of time…until he wasn’t anymore. He changed. Or maybe you did? Who knows, but, Patriots I’ll say this again, it is okay. These things happen, people drift apart.

It is normal to be hung up on someone. Other people just don’t seem to understand. It is also normal to look back at all the good times. Six Super Bowl titles. 17 division titles in 19 years. Countless double-digit winning streaks. You did it all together. You even went through multiple high-level scandals together, but those only brought you closer together because you liked that he had a rebellious side.

However, it has been almost a year, and it is time to try and find someone new. And no I don’t mean Cam Newton, we all know that was just a facade. I also absolutely do not mean Jimmy Garoppolo, dating the ex that could have been will only make you look desperate. No, it is time for a fresh start. Someone new to start making new memories with. This means you need to get Brady’s name off your social media feed altogether, at least until the wound doesn’t feel so fresh.

I know you don’t feel like you did anything wrong to deserve this in the first place. That’s because you didn’t. He didn’t either. Yeah, it never looked like it hurt him nearly as much as it hurt you, but just because you couldn’t see his long sleepless nights alone, doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

Keep your chin up Patriots, the next prince charming is coming, and he’s coming as fast as he can. You just need to be willing to accept him when he does.


Ian Longtin

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