‘Our Right to Gaze’ couldn’t come at a better time

The short film collection premieres on February 14

‘ORTG’ Organization | Photo Courtesy
‘ORTG’ is the culmination of a nationwide collaborative effort.

While it’s indisputable that 2020 was a challenging year for a multitude of reasons, the only thing that can be done at this point is to address the faults and move forward to brighter times ahead. A racial divide was revealed that only seemed to worsen as the summer went onward, yet now is the time to heal and bridge the gap.

Full Spectrum Features, a production company and specialty distributor, has been building anticipation for their forthcoming special debut, “Our Right to Gaze: Black Film Identities.” The short film and artist development program spotlights and showcases six unique short films dedicated to telling the filmmakers personal stories inspired by their experiences.

As our country aims to move forward, while still addressing recent events and learning from our mistakes and errors, these films can show yet another side of modern America through the lens of the filmmaker.

In the past, Full Spectrum Features has also referenced the systemic inequalities widely spread throughout the independent film industry, as they look to empower the work of Black filmmakers through the “Our Right to Gaze” shorts collection and onward.

The media collective has also gone on to mention that the collection “serves as a stepping-stone to elevating traditionally unheard Black voices and Black stories that go beyond trauma.” That being said, audiences are in for an emotional powerhouse of films that will allow them to experience perspectives that are seldom shared by others.

The short films feature work from emerging talent such as Antu Yacob, Lande Yoosuf, Toryn Seabrooks, Kyla Sylvers, Ya’ke Smith, Zora Bikangaga and Lin Que Ayoung. Throughout these selected short films, viewers will be encouraged to look within and question what more can be done individually to empower others towards a future of equality.

The shorts will be premiering online from February 14 to February 28 and can be accessed through the Full Spectrum Features website.

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