Cars Don’t Have to Be Just Black or White

Personally, when I look out on the sea of parking here at NDSU I would love for there to be more color. Why does every car have to be black or white? It’s jarring and, worse, boring. I don’t know exactly when the great shift from fun colors and designs to the exact same 4 door truck in the exact same colors occurred but I for one would like to go back. I want more people with yellow Mini Coopers; shoutout to the one person on campus with a yellow Mini Cooper. 

I think the main reason people should avoid the two most bland colors on earth for their cars is simple. You aren’t bland! Here in the Midwest, driving is a necessity. Everything is spread so far apart and we have very low quality public transportation outside of buses. Getting to a Walmart is often a half-hour drive. That being the case, why wouldn’t you look at your car as a piece of your personality? Everyone can see you in there and they can see the vehicle you drive. If you spend lots of time driving, why wouldn’t you want to show off a little with a red or purple car? It’s not like the cost goes up with the colors. 

Black cars heat up really quickly in the summer and white cars get dirty so, so easily. What benefits come from them? I cannot think of a single reason why having a black or white car would be better than anything else. Of course, one reason people drive them is that they get them for free from their family. That is something I understand and respect. Don’t give money to anyone if you can avoid it. Just give people you are close with the things they need and you don’t. 

If you think a one color car is too boring for you now that I have opened your eyes, take into consideration the fact that you own your vehicle and can do pretty much whatever you want with it. However, I am not saying to cover your car in scantily clad women of any kind. Let’s make it clear that that is gross and misogynistic. I mean weirder things, like spray painting your truck multiple colors then putting “HAHAHA!” all over it to really show who you are from the second you get out of your vehicle. 

Photo by Anton Feyerherm.

Please give me more reasons to be concerned when I drive outside of people swerving randomly and not using their blinkers when they merge right in front of me. Make me worry about your mental state when I pass you by creating a vehicle that should not exist. We’re all forced to drive the same on brand cars and trucks, so why not spice things up and make your vehicle evil in a way that isn’t against any laws?

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