Midterm Musician Recommendations

Well, folks, welcome to week 7! We are almost halfway through the semester! As bittersweet as that is, because midterms are coming up, this is something to be celebrated! Halfway means spring break! No matter what your plans are for spring break, I think it is crucial to have a soundtrack for your break plans. Whether it be a nice vacation on the beach, staying home, or going on a missions trip like myself, you are going to need some music to listen to. I am going to give you all my best recommendations for musical artists to get you hyped for spring break and to help you get through until then.

1. Briston Maroney

I did indeed write an article about Briston Maroney’s music last week, so I do not have quite as much to say about him this week. I would, however, consider him to be my current favorite musical artist. Because of this, he is my top recommendation for spring break music. I think Briston has a perfect summer vibe, and spring break is the perfect place to get this vibe rolling. I will now present my personal recommendations for his most spring-break-worthy songs.

“Bottle Rocket”: It’s rock. It’s indie. What else could you need? This is such a fun song and has most definitely been on repeat for me.

“I’ve Been Waiting”: Another very fun rock-y song. I do not have much to say about this song other than that it is more than deserving of being on your spring break playlist.

“Sinkin’”: Something about the electric guitar intro for this song just gets me in the summer feel. I know I am getting ahead of myself. It is only February. When I listen to this song, though, it is summer.

“Spring”: This song is called “Spring.” Enough said.

2. Noah Kahan

When I’m not listening to Briston Maroney, I’m listening to Noah Kahan. I kahan’t help it. Noah Kahan is good year-round, but something about his music in the summertime is so dreamy. Once again, I understand that it is not summer. I am just preparing myself. Halfway through the semester is close enough, I think. 

Noah Kahan is far from underground, for good reason. His lyricism brings tears to my eyes. His melodies make me want to form my own cover band just so I can sing his songs. Bonus: he is also really funny. Following his Instagram is a blast. Okay, now onto my current recommendations.

“Forever”: This is not a spring break song at all, but I had to recommend it anyway. This song was only released a couple of weeks ago, but I have already listened to it 50 times. This song gives Bon Iver. It gives crying while driving by yourself at night. It gives skipping around in circles. It is everything. 

“She Calls Me Back”(with Kacey Musgraves): This song was great with just Noah, but it is even better with Kacey. She was the perfect addition to this upbeat, springy song. This song most definitely deserves a spot on your spring break playlist. Guaranteed.

“Northern Attitude”(with Hozier): This song. I am at a loss for words…okay, I am back. Noah Kahan and Hozier are two of my favorite artists. Them together? Legendary, especially on this song that I already loved. It is such a fun song. Put it on your playlist, I beg. You won’t regret it.

3. half⋅alive

I have been an avid half⋅alive fan for much of my life. This sounds weird because I have not been alive for that long, but I have been a fan since their first album came out in 2017. That is quite a while. This is not me trying to boast, though. I am not gatekeeping. Listening to half⋅alive, or else. With that, here are my current favorite songs of theirs, perfect for your spring break playlist.

“Subliminal”: This song is quite peppy, making it perfect for spring break. I can just imagine myself dancing on a beach to this song. If only I got to go to a beach. Anyway, give this song a listen!

“Summerland”: I mean come on. This song is called “Summerland.” If that doesn’t tell you what you need to know, I don’t know what will. This song is best enjoyed with windows rolled down in the summer, but spring break will do. 

“Nobody”(feat. Dodie): Yet another fun, summery song. And it has Dodie, who I also love. The electric guitar in this song is just so good. I’m now realizing I might be a sucker for electric guitar. 

Alright, that concludes my musician/band recommendations. I hope you give one of them a listen! Or maybe you already have and I just reminded you of some bangers! Maybe I’ll see you at the Noah Kahan concert in June?

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