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With its narrow alleys and cobblestone streets, the picturesque town of Segovia, Spain, comes right out of a fairytale. Located an hour north of Madrid, Segovia is a World Heritage City and home to several wonders.

PAIGE MESKAN | Photo Courtesy It’s no wonder the Alcázar de Segovia is rumored to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Snow White castle.

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia dominates the entrance into the old part of the town. Estimates place the structure’s date of construction somewhere around 50 A.D. The aqueduct’s main purpose was to channel water into the city, and while it’s no longer in use today, the structure has been well preserved and would leave any structural engineer in awe with its massive pillars, grand arches and nothing but the friction between boulders holding the entire structure together.

Pass through the arches and start to trek up the winding roads where you will be sure to pass cafés and little, historic restaurants. Before long, you’ll come across the gothic-style Segovia Cathedral located in the main plaza, built around the early 16th century.

While the original cathedral of Segovia suffered from a fire, Carlos V ordered the new cathedral to be built, making it the last gothic-style cathedral built in Spain. Finished in 1768, after more than 200 years of construction, the cathedral sits at the highest point in Segovia.

On the far side of town, the Alcázar de Segovia sits in a strategic location atop a hill. The castle is said to have served as the inspiration for Walt Disney’s “Snow White” castle, and is brought to life with a guard greeting you at the gate. There are also opportunities to walk the grounds and climb the tower.

This stunning castle would leave any visitor daydreaming of strolls through courtyards, the grand halls, royal balls, protecting the castle when it is under siege and happily ever afters.

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