The top rom-coms for staying in on Valentine’s Day

No matter your plans for this holiday, there are plenty of flicks to choose from

Cassy Tweed | Photo Courtesy

Not going all out this Valentine’s Day? Would you and your significant other just rather stay in for the evening and find something to watch? Whether it be pandemic restrictions or the bitter cold of Fargo that’s keeping you in this year, there are plenty of options for some lighthearted rom-com’s.

The Big Sick: When a Pakistan-born comedian named Kumail meets Emily, a young grad student, they hoped that everything would fall into place as they fell in love. However, as their familial cultures clash, and Emily contracts an unknown illness, they’re forced to confront their feelings for one another. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

Palm Springs: If the film “Groundhog Day” were an updated romantic comedy centered around a wedding, the result would look something like “Palm Springs”. Nyles and Sarah are unable to escape the venue after a hopeful encounter, giving them a chance to connect over and over again. Available on Hulu.

Knocked Up: A movie that most college students hope they can’t relate to. Hard-partying Ben (Seth Rogen) receives some unexpected news a few weeks after meeting Alison (Katherine Heigl). As they adjust to the new reality of a potential child on the way, they form an unexpected bond past what was simply a one-night stand. Available free on NBC’s Peacock.

Crazy Rich Asians: Having been nominated for multiple Golden Globes, including Best Picture, this critically acclaimed rom-com offers a new cultural perspective for most audiences. New York native Rachel Chu goes through a whirlwind of emotions, as well as some slight culture shock, as she journeys to meet her boyfriend’s family in Singapore. Available on HBO Max.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: This hilarious take on a bad breakup offers plenty of laughs all around. A heartbroken Peter takes a vacation to Hawaii to get his television star girlfriend Sarah off of his mind. However, he’s put in an awkward position when she shows up at the same resort, unbeknownst to him, with her new musician boyfriend. Available free on NBC’s Peacock.

While the list could go on and on, there’s sure to be something for everyone. In a time where many fun and romantic activities are closed for the season due to cold, or an ongoing pandemic, most people are sure to enjoy a pleasant movie night in.

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