Review: ‘Violet Street’

Local Natives release fourth full-length album

Local Natives are back and the same as always.

On April 26, Local Natives released their fourth full-length album, “Violet Street.”

Given a track record of not taking any creative risks, I expected much of the same from Local Natives with this album, and my expectations were met.

The only thing that jumped out from the album was the abundant use of a string quartet in several songs, beginning with the first song on the record, “Vogue.”

Other than that, “Violet Street” was the same old song and dance as previous albums.

Two popular hits from the album include “Tap Dancer” and “When Am I Gonna Lose You.”

“Tap Dancer” is a quaint farewell song to wrap up the album with a psychedelic twist toward the end, while “When Am I Gonna Lose You” is more upbeat and dance-worthy.

Despite the lackluster track list, it’s evident that a lot of thought went it to the telling of the “Violet Street” story and the songs were arranged with purpose.

This is made aware in the transition between “Megaton Mile” and “Someday Now.”

“Megaton Mile” ends abruptly and was almost startling, but “Someday Now” picks up right were “Megaton Mile” left off.

Of the entire album, “Gulf Shores” was most surprising, and for that reason, became my favorite.

At first when I listened to it, I was bored, but then Local Natives came in hot with intense drums and guitar to spice things up.

The ascent in energy was surprising and very much welcomed.

All in all, “Violet Street” was just 10 more songs in the Local Natives’ repertoire of similar-sounding songs.

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