YNW Melly creates irony

Turns out the rapper really had murder on mind

YNW Melly’s mugshot taken in February 2019.

Rapper YNW Melly meant what he said when he wrote his hit single “Murder On My Mind.” The song title explains itself, and it was No. 1 on Apple Music for quite some time. However, it turns out Melly didn’t intend for this just to be a song.

The rapper was charged with two counts of first-degree murder back in February. They said if he’s convicted, he will likely face life in prison or the death penalty. In March, he pleaded not guilty to the double murder charge and had been waiting on trial ever since.

On Monday, April 22, the state of Florida announced it would seek the death penalty against Melly in the killings of two fellow rappers.

This is very tragic and also incredibly ironic. Melly, only 19 years old, essentially ruined his young, wealthy life by not being able to get murder off his mind. You can guess what the irony is. He writes a hit song called “Murder on my Mind” and then goes out and kills two rappers. I guess you can say he gave us a warning? Either way, it’s unfortunate to see his career, and possibly his life, end like this.

He was going to be one of the next faces in the rap game. I like his music a lot. He has an interesting voice and already has a couple of hit songs. The collaborative album he made with Kanye West not too long ago is amazing.

So many rappers are getting killed or killing people, and it’s getting to a serious degree. Many rappers such as XXXTENTACION, Nipsey Hussle and Jimmy Wopo have been killed recently. Then you have rappers like YNW Melly and 6ix9ine that are doing the killing. It’s just an absolute mess.

I hope Melly regrets trading a life of fame and fortune for a jail cell. It makes me wonder if the death penalty or life in prison even scares these guys? Is murdering someone really worth it that much? All I can say is he probably has Mixed Personalities (pun intended) about this one now.

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