‘Macbeth’ is back at NDSU

The classic tragedy is back for a limited time

NDSU Theatre Arts | Photo Courtesy
Performances are available over a two-week run.

While the pandemic has found endless ways to put a damper on college fun, NDSU has managed to persevere and rise above the ongoing situation. One of our community’s most notable campus pastimes, aside from our top-tier athletics, was the stellar performances put on by NDSU Performing Arts.

While many assume that these performances have been put on hold due to current capacity restrictions, that is far from the case. To much anticipation, NDSU Performing Arts will be hosting virtual performances of the world-renowned story “Macbeth.”

For those that are unaware of “Macbeth”, now is a better time than ever to become cultured and enjoy a virtual retelling. For those unaware of the plot or chose to skip the required in high school, the story remains captivating above all else, as twists and turns are taken throughout the story.

Casey Hennessy takes the leading role of ‘Macbeth’, with Chloe Bellione alongside as ‘Lady Macbeth’. Rounding out the leading cast include Matt Smith, Maddie Johnson, and Scobie Bathie at ‘Banquo’, ‘Malcolm’, and ‘Macduff’.

As anyone who’s witnessed an NDSU Performing Arts performance before is aware, viewers are always in for a treat with high-quality, demanding performances from the entirety of the cast.

While some may expect a lower quality delivery of the performance through a virtual format, that seems to be far from the case, as they’ve found an opportunity to further production in an online capacity. When completing a virtual performance, much more can be done in a technical manner, allowing for an even more captivating show.

While an immense amount of effort has been put into this show to guarantee a high-quality, top-tier performance, there are even more stories to look forward to from NDSU Performing Arts in the coming months.

Up next, they will be spotlighting a performance of “Annie” over two weeks in April and May. Tickets for adults, seniors, and students are $5, or free when an NDSU Student ID is presented.

Performances of “Macbeth” will take place March 4th – 6th at 7:30 pm, as well as March 10th – 12th at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at ndsu.showare.com.

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