Take care of yourself NDSU, hit the gym

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The Wellness Center is a great resource for students of NDSU.

There are mental and physical benefits to going to the gym

Going to the gym is not just about losing weight. Going to the gym is not just about gaining muscle. Going to the gym isn’t just about getting fit. Going to the gym is physically helpful, as well as mentally helpful. 

Once you start going to the gym every day, it will become less of a chore and more of a daily habit.

By going to the gym at least three or more times a week, you are more than likely to have a better mood and less stress. Being at the gym may help you blow your steam off, help you recognize your negative thoughts or may just take your mind off of classwork.

When I go to the gym, I either listen to a podcast or some music that makes me work even harder. By working harder at the gym, I feel I am less stressed and a whole lot happier afterward. Find something that works for you, whether it is heavy rock music or a Christian podcast—whatever will make you feel motivated.

Are you struggling with having a good sleep cycle, having enough energy to get through the day without coffee or just feeling overwhelmed with school? The gym can help with all of this.

I believe it is so important to find time in your day to go to the gym, or even spend some time outside. It certainly increased my mood and I believe it can increase yours as well.

Data created by the Harvard School of Public Health Study of College Behaviors concluded that frequent physical activity has a significant effect on students’ mood, stress levels and social interactions. 

For me, when I am stressed, angry or feeling down, I go to the gym to get physical activity. By going to the gym I then feel as if I have more energy and enthusiasm in talking to people, as well as feeling happier.

You don’t have time to go to the gym at least three days a week? Hmm. Are you putting yourself first and setting your priorities straight? Your mental and physical health should be one of the main focuses. Make a schedule.

A schedule for me looks like writing down all of the assignments I have due for the week as well as choosing which days to work on different assignments. When I am working on this schedule, I also write in time to go to the gym. You don’t always have to go by a schedule but putting ‘gym time’ in your schedule would definitely make you happier and more accomplished. There is also more likelihood of you going to the gym by adding it to your schedule.

If you need another sign to make time for yourself and go to the gym, here it is: go to the gym today. Tomorrow. And at least one other day in the week. It is not all about gaining muscle, getting fit or losing weight unless those are the goals you want to have. Either way, going to the gym will make you feel so much happier and less stressed.

Don’t know what to do for a workout? The Wellness Center has many options. In the App Store, there is an NDSU Wellness Center app. This app can give you lots of information about what is going on at the Wellness Center that week. Including live facility occupancy, hours, registration for programs, intramural sports, Group Fit, Small Group Training, Personal Training, swim train, outdoor adventure, wellness to go as well as open rec.

With this being said, the NDSU Wellness Center has many options for physical exercise to stay healthy.

When you go to the gym a few days a week now, your body will thank you later in life. By creating these habits of going to the gym today, you will stick with this habit throughout life.

Although going to the gym is not all about weight loss, muscle gain or staying fit—it is still beneficial. Going to the gym is so good for your mental health, you’ll have less stress, have more energy and be in an overall better mood. Take care of yourself NDSU, hit the gym.

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