Kayne West Sets Twitter Ablaze

Kanye West has dropped the equivalent of an atom bomb coming out as a Trump supporter.

The Kanye West Twitter fiasco caught the country by storm last Thursday. This storm of hatred from a community of millions who loved the artist is absolutely one of the funniest things to happen all year.

That is saying a lot.

West, one of the hardest rappers to defend already, just made that case much, much harder. Here’s the thing though, he’s a genius.

West looks to be doing one of three things. The first thing that could be is an artistic expression of the current politics of 2018.

Basically, Kayne is demonstrating how polarizing politics are right now. Think about how much hatred each side has for the each other. Political differences can easily divide families and cause Thanksgiving dinners to suck the biggest ass now a day.

Now, imagine the strife of a bunch of ex-Kanye fans ripping down posters, burning Yeezys and unfollowing him on Twitter. That is bonkers.

Imagine him in two weeks being like, “Ha I got all of you guys.” With merchandise burned and words already said, that would be comedy gold.

This shouldn’t be mistaken, Kanye West is one of the most loved jackasses in history. I love me some Kanye. From super nice and genuine stories to batshit crazy encounters. Kanye, is simply Kanye.

Now he is testing that love simply by using politics. Wow, what a move.

Second, and maybe more reasonable, insert air quotes, Kayne is trying to push for a 2020 or 2024 presidential run.

Yuck, but also, what? Kanye announced a proposed run for president in 2020. Is this more than just a publicity stunt? What if he is trying to win not only his fan’s vote but also, drum roll please, the Trump voters?

What? I can see the headlines now running below Sean Hannity, ‘Kanye the savior of America!’. What a move Mr. West. Can you imagine, ex-Trump voters going to Kanye West in a presidential race? That is literally funnier than a movie.

Even more reasonable is this. What if West simply wants to voice what he believes and everyone has right to that?

Perhaps it is hard to believe, but West may have a very well-defined reason for liking Trump. That is fine.

For some many of us today, party lines and personal beliefs define who we can like. That shouldn’t be the case, I believe.

Now, if West wants to back a Republican, so be it. Even if that Republican sucks donkey dong.

I wish him the best, I am still waiting for the new album.

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