Fargo Fashion | Summer Essentials

With the weather finally warming up, we can start preparing ourselves for the sunny, summer months ahead. A change in weather obviously comes with a change in wardrobe staples, but it also comes with a change in your beauty routine.

It is essential to keep your hair and skin feeling moisturized and to protect it from the sun. Along with beauty products, there a couple summer fashion staples that you will reach for constantly when getting ready, whether you are going to the beach or strolling around downtown.

Tinted moisturizer

During the summer months, wearing a full face of makeup can be heavy and uncomfortable. Personally, I feel the need to wear less makeup in the summer and go for a more natural look.

Tinted moisturizer is great because not only is it lightweight coverage, but it keeps your skin feeling fresh. You can find a variety of tinted moisturizers at any drug store for just about any price.

I would suggest going to a beauty specialty store such as Ulta or Sephora and have them match your skin tone that way it will not leave orange streaks on your face.

Sea salt spray

Looking for a way to shorten the amount of time it takes you to get ready in the morning? Sea salt spray is an awesome product to add to your beauty routine.

Sea salt spray gives a natural, beachy look to your hair. Once you get out of the shower and your hair is still wet, just spray evenly, then scrunch with your fingers. You can either let your hair air-dry or you can blow-dry it with a diffuser for even more intense curls.

You can find sea salt spray at any drug store such as Target.

Leave-in conditioner

The sun can dry your hair out like crazy in the summer, especially if you are spending all day outside.

Leave-in conditioner is your hero for keeping your hair healthy in the blistering heat. You can find conditioners that are mousse, gel or spray. Just apply to wet hair and let dry.

They also help to protect your hair during blow-drying or when applying heat.

High-waisted bikinis

Now this option is essential for the trendy fashion look. A high-wasted bikini is one thing you need in your swimsuit collection.

They are comfortable and very flattering. Since this type of swimsuit is very trendy at the moment, a lot of stores have them in stock. Places to shop for high-wasted swimwear are Forever 21 and Target.

High-waisted bikinis add more interest than a one piece, and you can also mix and match tops and bottoms.


Summertime is supposed to be laid back and relaxing. You usually do not want to put a lot of thought and energy into your accessories so you can get out the door and enjoy the day.

Scrunchies are my go-to hair accessory in the summer. They add a cute touch to your look without having to put in any effort.

A cute hairstyle to try out with a scrunchie is a half up, half down ponytail or bun.

They are very affordable and come in a range of colors and fabrics. I always keep a couple on my wrist.

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