Feminism Will Lead to Transhumanism

Whether feminists realize it or not, their values condone and even encourage transhumanism.

American third-wave feminists want to completely eliminate gender roles in the name of promoting gender equality. They are trying to accomplish this by changing social expectations regarding sex and gender; however, there are three primary forms of biological inequality that cannot be eliminated via socialization:

  • Women have a biological monopoly on reproduction in that they can become pregnant.
  • Men and women have different physical capabilities.
  • Men and women have different behavioral patterns. Note that this contradicts feminist gender theory, which posits all gender roles are purely social constructs.

I consider feminist gender theory to be pseudoscience.

Transhumanism can be used to eliminate all of these inequalities. To a certain extent it is already being used in this manner. Birth control, abortion and transgenderism are primitive forms of transhumanism that are condoned by feminists as a way of overcoming biology in the name of promoting gender equality.

The female monopoly on reproduction could be eliminated via several avenues. Artificial wombs could be used to produce children outside the human body, or men could be biologically altered to become pregnant.

This sounds like science fiction, but it may become possible sooner than people realize. Once it does, it will be difficult to justify why men and women are even necessary to perpetuate the human race.

Differences in physical capabilities will become irrelevant within our lifetimes. Artificial limbs are expected to surpass human limbs in functionality by 2030. It may become inevitable that people will start surgically removing their limbs and replacing them with prostheses.

Our society has been using transhumanism my entire life to dampen the behavioral differences between men and women. This is largely an unintended consequence of placing two different groups of people in the same educational system and expecting equal results.

For example, adolescent boys have behaviors that are not compliant with our education system, so we have responded by prescribing them medications that suppress hyperactivity.

This is a mild form of behavior modification. Gender reassignment surgery is a more drastic way of altering behavior.

Currently, gender reassignment surgery is expensive; however, this price will go down. It will also become more effective. If it is covered by government funded healthcare as feminists want, then people may be changing their sex/gender on a regular basis. Gender roles may be impossible to define at this point.

If you are opposed to utilizing transhumanism in these ways, then you are allowing biological inequalities to remain between men and women. You in effect are imposing gender roles and are at odds with American third-wave feminism.

Remember, bodily freedom is one of the primary goals of feminism.

If you are a feminist, but are opposed to transhumanism, then you should go back and reevaluate your beliefs.

Feminism is not a harmless ideology; it has some serious implications.

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