Fargo Fashion | Reasons to Thrift Shop

“Where did you get that?” This is a question I hear quite often regarding my clothes. Most people are surprised when my answer is, “Actually, I thrifted it!” Thrift shopping has many great benefits that leave people wondering where you got your clothing.

If you can get past the fact that an item has been previously worn and you might have to do a little digging, then you may find as much joy in it as I do. There is nothing compared to the feeling of being at a thrift shop and finding a unique item you adore at a great price.

Some of my favorite thrift stores in Fargo are Plato’s Closet, Clothes Mentor, Savers, Dakota Boys Ranch and Goodwill. So, if you are looking for a little retail therapy, but also trying to stick to a budget, thrifting might be the answer for you. Here are the top four reasons why thrift shopping is a great option for finding new clothes.

1. Save money

Ryley Berzinski| THE SPECTRUM
One of the many different thrift shop outfits you are able to find.

As college students, we all seem to be on a tight budget. If you are a fashion lover like me, constantly wanting new items, thrift stores are a great resource. Most thrift stores offer deals on their already low prices; for example, it could be a certain color tag being 50 percent off.

Another great opportunity to save money that thrift stores offer is if you donate your old items, they give you a certificate for a certain amount off your next purchase. Thrift stores such as Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet even give you cash for your gently used items.

2. Save the planet

Thrift shopping can help keep items out of the landfill and give them a second life. Every garment you purchase means one less to biodegrade in a landfill. Also, the pesticides used to grow cotton plants, which are needed to produce new clothes, can have a negative impact on the environment.

Transportation related damage to the planet and pollution are also decreased when clothing is bought secondhand, as new clothes are much more likely to travel long distances before being sold.

3. Fast fashion costs

Ever wonder why some fashion retailers have such low prices compared to others? Chances are it’s because they are producing their clothes unethically. Examples of “fast fashion stores” are Forever 21 and H&M. One main reason they can produce at such low costs is because the people actually making your clothes are sourced in another country where they do not have minimum wage restrictions. This means that because you are getting such a great “deal” another human is paying the cost.

4. Unique clothing

Most thrift stores get new items in every day. So, every time you shop there will be new treasures to find. One of my favorite things about thrifting is that I can try out a clothing item that may be out of my comfort zone and if I end up not loving it, I probably invested under $10 on the item anyway.

These days it seems a few fast fashion stores dominate the retail industry; therefore, it can be hard to find apparel that no one else has. Thrift shopping can give you the opportunity to find fun, vintage pieces to spice up your wardrobe.

The crazy thing about trends is that they always come around again; just ask the generation before us. Things that they used to wear when they were our age have cycled around and are now back in style. This means that many thrift stores often have pieces that are trending now, such as Levi’s denim.

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