Eating vegetarian

Where to go in town and what to order

I have been a proud vegetarian for just over three years now. Total transparency, that does not mean I have not eaten meat in three years. I do have a little bit here and there, but 99.9% of what I eat is vegan or vegetarian. 

If you are unfamiliar with those terms, I will define them real quick for you. Someone who is vegetarian does not eat any meat. I won’t eat lamb, chicken, beef, fish or any other kind of meat from an animal. 

Someone who is vegan takes it a step further. A vegan will not only refrain from eating meat but will also not eat animal products of any kind. That means no milk, eggs, butter or cheese. 

While I would like to be vegan one day, I don’t have the time or money to invest in doing so. And as much as I make fun of how bad the food can be in Fargo, some places are deliciously vegetarian-friendly. 

So, here are my secret spots for you if you’re looking to eat less meat, have a friend who doesn’t eat meat like me or if you want to support some local restaurants. 

Juice It

Juice It is one of the best juice places in town. Their menu has a wide variety of selections available for people who like any kind of juice. My family loves to stop there, mainly when my dad and I are marathon training.

Their acai bowls are to die for. They make fantastic vegan breakfast food. Their free-style bowl is vegan friendly, and if you wanted something even yummier, their acapella and afro-beat bowls are vegetarian friendly and contain peanut butter.

I love the free-style, and my dad loves the afro-beat bowl. They leave me feeling full and give me the energy to recover from whatever workout I have just completed. 

Even if you are not on a health kick, their smoothies are amazing, and you are sure to find something that suits your tastes. It’s also an opportunity to support a Black-owned business. 

Wurst Bier Hall

I love eating at Wurst. This is surprising since you would think that a German sausage restaurant wouldn’t have anything for someone that eats like me, and you would be wrong. 

One of my absolute favorite things to eat is their “field roast” sausage which is vegetarian. You can order it as a sandwich and have the classic toppings: grilled onion, grilled kraut, grilled sweet peppers and grilled hot peppers; or you can get it Bahn mi style, which is my personal favorite. 

Don’t even sweat it if you’re not much for fake meat. You can order knoephla soup or the spaetzle mac and cheese. If you are going with a group of friends, they have this humongous pretzel you can get with all manner of amazing sides. And seeing as it is a sausage place, there are ample options for your meat-consuming pals. 

Its casual atmosphere and excellent service at both the downtown and West Fargo locations make it an awesome place to go with friends and family who visit you while in town. I really can’t recommend their food enough. 

The Boiler Room

Admittedly, this can be a little bit of a toughy. There isn’t a whole lot of seemingly pro-veggie food. However, all is not lost. Their menu is ever-changing, so there may not be something veggie-friendly now doesn’t mean that it will be that way for long. 

When I have eaten there with my girlfriends, I have ordered their poutine, gravy on the side, their chips and dips platter, their vegetarian burger and a vegetarian salad. Sadly, when I looked online, I didn’t see any of this currently available, except the poutine. 

If I was going to eat there now, here is what I would order: I would order the Caprese salad, either of the soups, tomato or knoephla; I am sure it would be delicious and compliment their grilled cheese nicely. If I went there for breakfast, I would be very interested in the rumchata french toast, and instead of a side of bacon, I would ask for extra fruit. 

I think the boiler room is another fun place to take people from out of town. The atmosphere is great, and while it may seem a tougher place to eat vegetarian, you are not relegated to cold salad and a side of fries either.


It isn’t as difficult as one might think to eat meat-free in Fargo. These are all restaurants I would recommend to people who aren’t from the area or familiar with good eateries around here. 

It can be challenging to find food I feel comfortable eating. Still, ultimately there are good options locally in the area. You don’t need to eat at chain restaurants to enjoy a more environmentally conscious meal. 

I hope you all go give these places a try!

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