Cats or Dogs?

Honestly, just get both *heart eye emoji.

There’s always controversy on what kind of pet is the best. Usually, the two contenders are dogs and cats with various others, such as birds, fish, hamsters, etc. coming after. Please allow me to explain which pet is “better.”

I’m going to give it to you straight up: the answer is neither. Yeah, neither. It all depends on what kind of person you are, so there really can’t be a right answer.

Each pet has their own benefits. Let’s start with dogs. They’re loyal, funny and majestic creatures that are quite entertaining. They aren’t called “Man’s best friend” for no reason. They will stick to your side and allow you to develop a legit connection to them. These reasons right here are why the majority of people prefer dogs to cats.

Let’s get to some downsides. Dogs can be very high maintenance. They usually require more exercise than cats and may need to play fetch or be walked a few times a week. They are also a pain to clean up after. (I’m referring to both in and out of the house.) Let’s also not forget about the vet. I feel like dogs are more prone to injury due to their more active lifestyle than cats. This can cause trips to the vet and cost a few hundred dollars even if nothing is actually wrong.

Now let’s talk about the furry felines. They’re such sweet and majestic little creatures. You can pet them, carry them, play with them and do just about anything with them. They’re more of a “just go with the flow” type of pet. They are extremely entertaining, especially if you have a laser light that you can shine around them. (They will chase it wherever you put it.) Like dogs, they can also express their love. This is usually a rubbing of their head against any given part of your body. They are lower maintenance than dogs, as they don’t require much exercise and a litter box is pretty easy to clean.

What could possibly be the downside of these adorable pets? Well, for one, they are almost nocturnal. Many cats become active at night, and that can be a pain for owners who have work the next day. They also don’t establish as much of a connection as dogs do. It can seem as if a cat truly likes you, but we all know they just want to go play with a piece of string.

My point is cats and dogs are very different. People are different. It depends entirely on what kind of person is considering buying a pet. As far as cats and dogs go, let’s call it a tie. I have owned both in the past, so I know what it’s like.

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