Album of the Month

This is a new segment I like to call “Album of the Month.” It’s pretty self explanatory: I’m going to be picking out an album (can be any genre of music) that I believe was the best album released during that month. Please note, however, that my musical interests are slightly biased toward hip-hop. Nonetheless, I will do my best to account for all types of music and mix up the genres to the best of my ability.

With that said, I would like to congratulate Mac Miller and his album “Swimming” for winning the month of August. I know exactly what all of you college students are thinking. Yes, I heard “Astroworld” by Travis Scott. It’s a great album. I like many songs on that album, such as “Stargazing,” “Sicko Mode” and “Yosemite.” However, I think Mac Miller deserves credit for “Swimming.”

First off, the story behind the making of this album is quite interesting. Miller made this album after his breakup with famous pop singer Ariana Grande. This allowed him to experience more self-love and express his feelings through this album. These feelings can be heard in the songs “Self Care” and “Hurt Feelings.” Personally, “Hurt Feelings” is my favorite song on the album. Miller shows how he feels about the breakup, with a repeating verse in the chorus, rapping, “Don’t know what you’re missin’. Shame on you.” “Small Worlds” is a very touching, relaxing song that shows off Miller’s soft side. I recommend listening to this song if you’re stressed out from the rigors of college life and just want to be in a “blissful” state of mind.

Unlike his previous albums, “Swimming” is much more laid back with a more “chill” vibe. It focuses more on real life issues, thus portraying Miller’s veteran status in the music world. His older albums are more for playing at parties, while this one has more broad appeal, fitting many situations. There are fast songs that show the old Mac Miller is still present, along with slower songs that show his humbleness and empathy.

It’s been awhile since Miller has released an album worth of such discussion, and I’m happy to say the old Mac is back and better than ever.

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