• I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times

    I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times

    In true Homecoming fashion, The Spectrum presents its first photo essay highlighting the nuances and gritty beauty of a college house party.

ESPN's "SportsCenter on the Road" hosts Matt Barrie, Sara Walsh and Marty Smith broadcast live from downtown Fargo on Friday evening as part of "SportsCenter's" three-day visit to Fargo.

    Saturday Morning, Live From Fargo

    Singing at Saturday night mass couldn’t keep Jackson Gleason from waking up before 4:45 a.m. Saturday to attend ESPN’s “SportsCenter on the Road” visit to Fargo. The sophomore in mechanical engineering, like hundreds of other North Dakota State fans, rose and arrived for the 6 a.m. sports show that broadcast live from the Fargodome’s Gate City Bank Field. The broadcast […]

Corso the bison has become the darling of NDSU through his appearances on ESPN’s “College GameDay” and other events throughout the year.

    Still a Baby at 1,200 Pounds

    Another bison mascot is giving Thundar a run for his money. But this bison is the real deal. Corso, a 3-year-old North American bison bull, has been a staple of North Dakota State football since his debut on ESPN’s “College GameDay” in September 2013. After two appearances on consecutive broadcasts of the show, the “baby bison” weighing in at 1,200 pounds […]

Students standing in line for Saturday’s game show their Bison pride.

    I’m No Cheerleader, But I Can Fist Pump

    I just read one of the numerous homecoming Listserv emails outlining the much-anticipated “SportsCenter” appearance this weekend. By the time this goes to print, the event will have already passed, but I must warn you that there may be a typo to some of the factual information. The listserv claims that the Fargodome doors are scheduled to open at “4:45” […]

  • Over a Hundred Years of History

    Over a Hundred Years of History

    Students have passed through some of North Dakota State’s campus buildings for nearly 100 years. In 1890, the North Dakota state legislature established the North Dakota Agricultural College. Old Main, originally known as College Hall, was the first building to be built on campus. Across from Old Main is a building said to give people the chills and rumored to be home […]

Michael Monroe holds up his sign during the homecoming parade for his “You Matter” movement.

    We’ll All Float On

    Another North Dakota State Homecoming has come and gone. Through all the excitement, the highlights generally remain the same, with one of the main features being the Homecoming Parade. The main appeal of the parade is to see the floats, which is what gives the parade its character and personality. Creating this lively atmosphere requires an immense amount of work in […]


    Fargo Fashion | Homecoming Style Through the Ages

    Homecoming’s long history at North Dakota State has always had the same goal – to proclaim our Bison pride – but fashion has changed remarkably since we first started celebrating in 1921. From evening gowns on parade floats to hoodies at football games, take a look at how past Bison celebrated homecoming and showed their school pride through their style. 1927 […]


    Thundar Rolls with the Herd

    He wears Nike athletic shoes, dresses in green and gold athletic gear and roams free at every North Dakota State athletic event. He’s not your ordinary Bison. His name is Thundar, and he’s the mascot for NDSU athletics. Thundar is a busy character, always on the run from one sporting event to the next. Homecoming Weekend was an even more […]

Kel Rosenau, front, and Cassie Rohlfing, behind, perform their “Tony’s”
march during the Homecoming Parade.

    My Dream Came True with the Marching Band

    When people hear “homecoming,” the first thoughts through their heads are football, cheerleaders and tailgating. But when I think “homecoming,” I think one thing: marching band. It started about 11 years ago when I was 8 years old and my parents took me to my first Bison game. From the stories they tell me, I was bored throughout the entire first […]