Cuplomacy aims to facilitate conversations across party lines by encouraging
politicians to share a cup of joe.

    Changing the Political Atmosphere, One Cup at a Time

    The sharing in a cup of coffee. A simple, comforting gesture artist Michael Strand believes will produce a more powerful outcome beyond an expected caffeine high. The Cuplomacy project adheres to the goals of creating dialogue across Senate party lines through the exchanging of an object — in this case, cups — in hopes to encourage cooperation within Congress. Strand, […]


    NDSU’s Population Continues to Rise

    In March 1890, 30 students enrolled at the newly established North Dakota Agricultural College. In September 2014, 14,747 students enrolled at North Dakota State, the highest enrollment number in the university’s 124-year history. The university’s fourth-week count tallied all undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Growing statistics Numbers do not rise without an all-campus effort. “Our office works very hard to […]

Prakash Mathew has stepped into the role of interim athletic director after Gene Taylor left for Iowa.

    Prakash Mathew Remains Positive Force as NDSU Interim Athletic Director

    When former North Dakota State athletic director Gene Taylor announced he would resign to take a position at the University of Iowa, NDSU President Dean Bresciani had to turn to someone to take the interim role while looking for Taylor’s successor. When Bresciani first called former NDSU Vice President of Student Affairs Prakash Mathew, he thought Bresciani was joking. “I […]


    Is This Free Speech or Assault?

    North Dakota State Collegians for Life want to get the whole campus talking about abortion. We certainly can’t say they didn’t reach their goal. Monday morning students woke up to a set-up outside the Electrical Engineering Building filled with images that were warned as “Genocide” related and were also defined as graphic. What wasn’t expected was the comparison of genocide […]

Admiring the view from the top of Liverpool Cathedral.

    A Bison Abroad | Facing Cultural Differences, Similarities

    On the surface, traveling to another English-speaking country (like, for example, England) does not seem too intimidating. Media from the United Kingdom is also prevalent in much of American culture. For cultural preparation, I watched shows like “Doctor Who,” “Sherlock” and “Downton Abbey.” Okay, well, maybe more just because they are on Netflix, but they count anyways. When I came […]

  • Autopsy: NDSU Student Was Victim of Homicide

    Autopsy: NDSU Student Was Victim of Homicide

    The death of NDSU student Thomas Bearson was ruled a homicide Thursday. A City of Moorhead release said the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office determined Bearson’s death was the result of homicidal violence. Bearson, 18, was reported missing on Saturday and was last seen in north Fargo at 3:40 a.m. Bearson’s body was found in Moorhead on Tuesday at Larry’s […]

The NDSU community mourned the loss of a student who was believed to be found dead on Tuesday.

    NDSU Mourns the Loss of Freshman Found Dead on Tuesday

    Tears fell with the leaves this first week of autumn. Missing since Saturday, the body of North Dakota State freshman Thomas Bearson was found Tuesday morning in south Moorhead. “The physical description and the clothing description of that deceased person leads us to believe that it is in fact our missing person, Thomas Bearson,” Fargo Police Chief Keith Ternes said in […]

Young players have made an impact on North Dakota’s State defensive line.

    Heavy Metal Defensive Linemen

    A football team doesn’t win three straight FCS National Championships without having a connection with each player. Defensive linemen Brad Ambrosius and Nate Tanguay are a perfect explanation of why the North Dakota State football coaches recruit players who already have a connection before they step foot on the Fargodome turf. Both these two players are from Wisconsin, and Ambrosius said […]

Austin Selness and Tom Schwandt play a game during Chi Alpha’s H. Joy improv event.

    From a Living Room to the Big Stage

    What started in a living room with a couple of friends has transformed into a highly anticipated hit campus improv show filling the Festival Concert Hall with laughter and people each semester. In 2009, brother Eric and Adam Neis decided to share their love for comedy shows and improv comedy, so they invited some people over to have some fun. […]