The Midas Touch: Bresciani Looks Back on 2014-2015

    North Dakota State’s leader fights through a coughing fit in his spacious Old Main office. President Dean Bresciani has been battling more than an irritated throat as of late. The 2014-15 school year brought with it challenges, ranging from student safety to infrastructure failures. But Bresciani stays unwaveringly optimistic about NDSU. The university is reaching unprecedented heights, he said. “It’s almost like everything we […]

Vicki Kessler and Donna Kjonaas are two retired, ordained ministers practicing visual art. Their traveling exhibition “Land, Sky, Water” closes out at the MU Gallery.

    See Your Own ‘Land, Sky, Water’

    Across the state of North Dakota, three things can be found in nearly every city and landscape: land, sky and water. From the badlands’s Little Missouri River to the Red River Valley’s vast, flat horizon to the Turtle Mountains’ swooping hills, North Dakota varies greatly in geography, industry and scenery. Vicki Kessler and Donna Kjonaas wish to share these experiences […]

Bison golf’s No. 1 Natalie Roth averaged a 76.71 score this year and made it onto the All-Summit League’s second team.

    Behind the Scenes of Success

    Before the 2014-2015 season even started, North Dakota State fans knew the big names. Lone-senior guard Lawrence Alexander was going to be the leader of a team that had a shot at returning to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for the second straight year. Bison football fans had locked in senior running back John Crockett as a high-volume, explosive leader in […]


    Bison Baseball Goes Yard with Facial Hair

    When attending a North Dakota State baseball game, fans will notice mug shots of the starting lineup on the left field scoreboard. A few furry faces may catch the eye. A player’s mother dislikes the facial hair; another player’s girlfriend cringes when she see him – but the Bison baseball players and coaches get quite the laugh out of the pictures. In Jon Hechtner’s mug […]


    Top 10 Stories of 2014-2015

    From a student homicide to a fourth national championship in football to a feline running for office, The Spectrum’s 118th volume featured coverage from all aspects of campus and the community. Below is a rundown of the top 10 stories on the web in the 2014-2015 academic year, along with page view totals as of May 8. 1. Thomas Bearson (35,190) […]

The idea for “Think Before You Speak” came to Weible resident assistant Paige Geske after hearing words like “gay” and “retarded” around her hall.

    Think Before You Speak

    Listen in to the lunch conversations occurring at the next table over – a few phrases might jump out. “Dude, I got raped by that test. It was so gay,” a tired student may say. “What are you? Retarded?” jokes another. “Gay” and “Retarded” have become staples in the average student’s vocabulary. These words have graduated high school and have made […]

The “Italy: Politics, History, Art” course takes students on a 10-day trip through Venice, Florence, Assisi, Pompeii, the Sorrrento region and Rome.

    Bison Abroad | Take a Chance

    Two years ago, my sister spent her 30th birthday in Italy. In 10 days, she saw Venice, Florence and Rome and spent about $3,500. Friday, I leave on a faculty-led study abroad tour with the North Dakota State political science department. In the same amount of time, I will see Venice, Florence, Assisi, Pompeii, the Sorrento region and Rome. Total, I have spent just over $3,250. The difference […]


    NDSU’s Hidden Spaces

    With over 90 buildings dotting the North Dakota State campus and more than 16,000 people who visit them daily, NDSU is a populated place in Fargo. Nevertheless, some spaces and rooms stay untouched, unvisited or out of reach. Depending on where you look, hidden spaces can be found. From ancient basements to lonely stairwells to vacant classrooms. Ceres Hall basement  A former […]

Completion of the STEM building is planned for December. The building will house 23 labs and nine classrooms.

    Summer of Construction to Rule Campus

    As spring studies wrap up at North Dakota State, another activity will take over the campus: summer construction. NDSU has a handful of big projects scheduled to start after the May 16 graduation ceremony, including increasing parking spaces, updating Old Main and other undertakings. “A lot of our bigger projects will start the day after graduation,” Michael Ellingson, director of facilities management, said. “With […]