• Counseling Center Sees More Students Searching for Help

    Counseling Center Sees More Students Searching for Help

    In William Burns’ eight years as director of the North Dakota State Counseling Center, he has seen growth. The center grew professionally, adding two counselors; the center grew physically, now occupying more space in the second floor of Ceres Hall. “And we’ve seen now about a 500 percent growth in the number of students we see,” Burns said. He said […]

Ryan Napoli (right) is an assistant strength and conditioning coach at NDSU. Working with the wrestling team, Napoli knows the challenges of maintaining weight and educates Bison wrestlers on healthy methods of weight loss or gain.

    NDSU Athletics Keeps Educated With Purging, Eating Disorders

    Ryan Napoli, as a freshman at Simpson (Iowa) College, needed to make weight for one of his first collegiate wrestling matches. Coaches, teammates and fans were depending on him, and he needed to reach that number somehow. Napoli did what he thought he needed to — make himself vomit. It was the first time he ever purged to make weight, and […]

"Next to Normal" follows a family in crisis as mother Diana battles bipolar disorder and her husband and children grapple with its effects.

    ‘There Will Be Light’

    With the spotlight of the stage, Theatre NDSU will shine light on the issues of mental illness with “Next to Normal,” the rock musical running the next two weekends. Concerning the story of a mother’s mental illness and its effects on her family, this rock musical allows a space for discussion as the show follows Dan and Diana Goodman, their two children […]

  • NDSU Services Offer Help for Veterans Returning to School

    NDSU Services Offer Help for Veterans Returning to School

    Last fall, 462 veterans enrolled at North Dakota State. While not exclusive to those who have served, nor do all vets suffer from it, post-traumatic stress disorder affects people exposed to traumatic or life-threatening events. Some side effects include increased paranoia, trouble sleeping and repeated thoughts of the event, ultimately causing distress on the afflicted. The Best Picture-nominated “American Sniper” focuses […]

It is equally as hard to be Ken as it is to be Barbie in a world of beauty-obsessed culture.

    ‘Manarexics': The Silent Sufferers

    Of every mental illness, eating disorders carry the highest mortality rate, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. What many fail to consider is that this dangerous affliction is not gender biased. Because men account for only 15 percent of eating disorder sufferers, the factors that drive their behavior are often overlooked. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa […]

  • Fargo Fashion | Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia

    Fargo Fashion | Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia

    As an incoming freshman, I had reoccurring nightmares about how I was going to make it through my first year of college without gaining the treacherous “freshman fifteen” I had heard so much about. Throughout high school and still to this day, my body image is a problem with which I continuously struggle. I am not alone. According to the National Association […]

Thompson Hall is among four high-rise dorms on North Dakota State’s campus.

    Residence Life Houses the Herd

    There have never been so many students at North Dakota State. Nearing its 125th anniversary, NDSU recorded its largest overall enrollment class and third-highest first-year enrollment last fall. And early projections show that first-year student numbers might continue to rise. “If you were to ask me right now, I’d say it shows like we have a little bit of an […]

  • Changing the Science World One Meeting at a Time

    Changing the Science World One Meeting at a Time

    Taking a trip to the East Coast is what college students might do for spring break, not for school. Bridget Eklund didn’t have to wait for the March holiday to go to Washington D.C. Eklund, who is majoring in microbiology, attended the American Society of Microbiology and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting in the nation’s capital last week. “My current research has […]

North Dakota State junior wrestler Hayden Zillmer (top) has been a leader for the Bison, going 12-0 in duals.

    ‘Silent Leader’

    North Dakota State wrestler Hayden Zillmer doesn’t say too much when asked about himself. But he’s an open book when it comes to his teammates. The junior from Crosby, Minn., is known as a leader and a mainstay of the Bison this season. Only thing is, he doesn’t have to say much to push his team. “(The team) is probably […]