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A Dynasty Still in the Making

A red-soaked field in Cheney, Washington, turning pink with snow might still be etched into the minds of Bison faithful even six years ago. NDSU’s first trip to the FCS playoffs came to a halt in the quarterfinals that…

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Get Chopped or Vegetation Station?

Follow-up Fridays are the brainchild of the Moir/Teotia administration in student government. The idea is simple, anonymously poll the student body via two email questions every week and then post the answers online for all to see. The last Tuesday…

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North Dakota Speed Limit Increases

On Dec. 28, Lonnie Laffen, chairman of the Senate transportation committee, proposed a bill that would increase the speed limits for “access-controlled, paved and divided, multi-lane interstate highways” to 80 mph. “The speed limit really works best when it…

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While most NDSU students were traveling or relaxing at home, the Bison wrestling squad kept active over the break, participating in the Midlands Championship in Evanston, Illinois, and hosting two dual meets. Following a brief respite after the semester…

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Well, the spring semester has begun, and you know what that means in Fargo: snow and ice, bitter temperatures and wind, wind, wind. You’ve worked hard reading syllabi and introducing yourself to professors and classmates this week and you…

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