NDSU Public Health Week Promotes Reproductive and Sexual Health On Campus

“We are a piece of the puzzle,” Emily Hegg comments as she describes the role Student Health Services (SHS) plays in maintaining health and wellness on campus.
The beginning of April marked the beginning of NDSU’s Public Health Week this year on campus. The presentation on Friday, April 5 welcomed NDSU’s associate director of Campus Well-Being, Emily Hegg, and the discussion of reproductive and sexual health. This presentation focused primarily on NDSU’s Student Health Services, as well as certain programs and events they offer.
Flow on the Go is a program that offers supplemental menstrual product distribution and hygiene education for those who may need it. Its goal is to provide education and products to NDSU students to contribute to their health and well-being. To fight the stigma around menstruation and increase hygiene equity, this program aims to provide persistent education, effort and availability of products. Funding for this program comes through SHS and Student Government.
Junk Mail is another supplementary program offered through SHS that is grant-funded through the ND Department of Public Health. This service offers free sex supplies, as well as educational information related to sexual health. Orders can be placed online and can be picked up in person or sent via mail.
Lastly, this presentation promoted the STI testing event SHS is hosting on April 18. Sextival is an opportunity for students to receive STI testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV. There are no appointments required to get tested. Walk-ins are welcome. Additionally, there will be games, trivia and freebies while supplies last. This event seeks to promote sexual health and reiterates the importance of practicing safe sex as well as testing regularly.

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