Top 10 Stories of 2016-2017

1.  NDSU Student Affairs Scrapped, Bresciani Blames Budget Cuts


Positions for North Dakota State’s Division for Student Affairs are to be eliminated. Bresciani cited budget cuts as the elimination’s rationale, former Head News Editor Casey McCarty and former Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Norman reported in the most read story of the year.

2.    The Herd’s Chant: Racism Inside the Dome

Opinion Editor Erik Jonasson II wrote on the racism prevalent in the student section’s chants, such as the “Sioux suck shit” chant, at NDSU football games. His opinion piece cautioned students to think about the impact of the words coming out of their mouths.

3.    The Rectum: The Turf Bought Out by Herd and Horns

In the April Fools’ Day edition of The Spectrum, The Rectum, a satirical piece of fake news was written about Herd and Horns buying out The Turf in the midst of its reconstruction.

4. Missing Persons Report: NDSU Students


As student attendance dwindled at Bison football games, Sports Editor Taylor Schloemer asked BisoNation why. Without a full, rowdy student section the energy in the Fargodome is gone. Schloemer urged that, whether win or lose, the fans are just as crucial to the game.

5.    NDSU Freshman Dies in Car Accident Sunday

Brooke Schroeder died in a car crash Jan. 9 near Valley City. Former Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Norman covered the unfortunate death at the beginning of the 2017 spring semester. Schroeder, 18, was a freshman from Max, N.D., studying agricultural education.


6.    Don’t Ignore That We Drink at NDSU

A Spectrum editorial coinciding with the occurrence of Tooshfest, a lawn party of epic proportions, addressed drinking culture in the NDSU community. Although NDSU is a dry campus, students still drink and that should be acknowledged, as denial will only lead to further issues.

7.    Aquatic Center Opens Monday

The opening of the Wallman Wellness Center’s aquatic center on Sept. 19, 2016 by former Head News Editor Casey McCarty was The Spectrum’s seventh most read story of the year. The aquatic addition included a leisure pool, lap pool, 16-person capacity hot tub, wet classroom and a sauna among other amenities.

8.    Getting Visually Offended at the Wellness Center

After a traumatic experience of seeing another man’s nipple at the wellness center, Opinion Editor Erik Jonasson II wrote a satirical piece urging other male patrons to cover up.


9.    Not Her Last Lecture

Amy Taggart, a professor in NDSU’s English department, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. In 2016, Taggart found out the cancer had spread to her spine. Former Features Editor Rio Bergh profiled Taggart in a touching piece portraying her perseverance and dedication to campus and her students.

10. The Rectum Calls for Impeachment of Student Body President

Another contribution from The Rectum makes it into the top 10. This piece calls for the impeachment of former Student Body President Spencer Moir in favor of the appointment of his twin Logan. The story mistakes the Moir twins with each other in a raucous comedy of errors.

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