Getting Visually Offended at the Wellness Center

Dumbbells don’t have to wear a shirt, but you do.

It is almost a given. When you go to the wellness center you a doomed to see it.

Men, man-children, wearing singlets. Wearing stringy gross attire that doesn’t bother me at all. My only complaint is please put a sports bra on.

It is no secret. I am a frequent, infrequent guest at the wellness center. You can see me doing a ton of the offered activities. Sucking at pick-up basketball, or making weird faces to no one in particular in the weight room.

What I personally have a problem with is concentration. One nipple and my week is gone. Nothing can get done. Even now, I am working behind the eight ball. My articles are late and I am begging my professors for homework extensions.

So, there I am at the wellness center, infrequently. I am working hard at my stomach, I think, and then it comes into my view. There was nothing left to my imagination.

“Gold’s Gym” I believe is written across this sorry excuse for a shirt. Let me repeat. Nothing was left to the imagination while large shoulders and boobs (some people call them pecs) hang all out for people to see.

I paused. I forgot where I was, what I was doing. Where is my calculator?

It is almost like he wanted people to stare at his body. It was almost like he was proud of the physique he had. Sickening, I know.

It was almost like he was wearing something comfortable, but I promise you my eyes can’t handle that.

Boys, please, please, please cover up. It is honestly the right thing to do. There are girls here who come to work out. There are editors here trying hard to seem athletic.

I think an appropriate, cute sports bra would fit you. For your body type and hair color, I would go with a cute lime green sports bra from Victoria’s Secret. I can see it now, and surprisingly, I feel better.

It has been only a couple days since my life took a tumble after seeing a nipple at the wellness center.

I can honestly say being a survivor is hard. My family never prepared me for such a moment.

I guess my plea is simple: boys, understand the audience and please cover up. If you want, I have friends that will help you with your sports bra selections.

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