The Call of the Wild Just Got a Whole Lot Scarier


WIKIPEDIA Photo Courtesy | James Patterson's thriller is adapted into a thrilling TV series following an animal takeover
WIKIPEDIA Photo Courtesy | James Patterson’s thriller is adapted into a thrilling TV series following an animal takeover of the world.

Almost everyone has a favorite animal. Most of the animals can be found in many of the zoos in America, but James Patterson might have ruined those favorite animals with the CBS show “Zoo.”

This show is based on the No. 1 best-selling novel by James Patterson and is about violent animals that strategically plan to attack humans. Yeah, those monkeys are no longer that cute.

The story focuses on Jackson Oz, a young American zoologist who works at a safari in Africa. Oz teams up with news reporter Jamie Campbell, Mitch Morgan, an off-kilter veterinarian who rather’s to hang out with animals than people, and Chloe Tousignant, a French investigator. They all pair their efforts to stop the attacks on the human population. 

The show is intense and really catches your attention. It doesn’t really follow logic like I would like it to. For example, would a zoo be open after a lion escaped? Would a zoo with crazy animals be open and full of people? Would two characters fall down a cliff but walk away?

Those are just a few of the things that catch the attention of the viewer.  This show also has the “destined” romance that blockbusters seem to have. Jamie and Mitch and Jackson and Chloe are “destined” to be together, if they don’t get trampled by a stampede of ferocious animals.

“Zoo” has its level of scary, but it’s not as scary as it could be. The ominous music and parts we can’t see add to the scary factor. There is speculation that, as the show continues, one of the characters might have to die for the stakes to be higher.

Overall, this show excels with character development and action in every episode. While this show may change your perspective on visiting the zoo, there are plenty of interesting elements to the story that make it a great watch.

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