It’s the Final Countdown

As finals approach and stress rises across campus, NDSU Libraries is doing its best to help students cope.

Amanda Booher, communications and programs coordinator at the North Dakota State library, said starting at 12 a.m. Sunday, these changes may help relieve the stress and provide space.

Booher is in charge of communicating all events, including dead week events.

The library will remain open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for two weeks starting Sunday, to give students a space to finish their work and study, especially to those students who may work in the evenings and do their homework at odd hours.

The 24-hour service is made possible by the Blue Key Honor Society, who volunteer at the library in order to keep it open for all 24 of those hours. There is a slight change of operations while the Blue Key Honor Society runs the library. Students won’t be able to check out materials while the normal library staff is away; no headphones or books can be checked out, as well.

Study rooms will be unlocked and may be used on a first come first serve basis during the extended hours.

Because of the increased hours, security will also be increased. Students who don’t feel safe walking to their car or residence halls at 3 a.m. have the option of being accompanied back.

In addition to the extended hours, the library is also providing stress relief options, including puppy therapy. At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, dogs will arrive from F-M Obedience for students to see, pet, enjoy and relieve stress for a couple hours.

Late night snacks will be offered sporadically to keep students motivated and on task; this year it may even be ramen noodles. This will be announced via social media.

The Blue Key candy fairy will also make appearances.

Booher said an Instagram has been created for the library. A feelings frame will be available at the library so students can release their emotions and hashtag it with #NDSU247. Students who use the hashtag will be entered to win a $25 gift card.

The drawing for the gift card will happen on Dec. 14.

There will also be a stress-free zone complete with a large word find, coloring pages, puzzles and other thoughtful activities.

The Healthy Heard Champions, a student group on campus, will be bringing DIY stress balls for students to make.

All of these activities are important to the library because it’s tradition. It is also “a great way to support students during a very stressful time,” and to get away from distractions like the refrigerator.

The extended hours are a great way to reach out and support students, which Booher expressed as being important to her personally.

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