The Sound of Fargo Summer

Here’s some live music that will be taking place in the Fargo area this summer!

As the end of the semester is quickly closing in and summer break begins, the impending doom of creating a plan for the next three months comes to a head. Thus, to help out any who are like me and are overwhelmed by any amount of choice, here are some of the live music events happening around Fargo this summer.

Red River Valley Fair

The music events taking place at the Red River Valley Fair are probably the most well-known to the general public at this point. Nevertheless, here are some of the acts performing this summer. 

First, we have the Goo Goo Dolls on June 28. This is a rock band that most people at least know at least one song from; I have met very few people who do not vaguely remember their parents playing the song “Iris” at some point. They might not be the band that everyone is listening to right now, but who doesn’t love some good old dad rock.

Next, we have Yung Gravy & Taylor Holder on July 5. Yung Gravy is a rapper and Taylor Holder is a singer/songwriter—both are fairly well-known for their popularity on TikTok. In contrast to the previously mentioned band, this event is (I would think) targeted more toward the younger generations.

There’s also Blake Shelton on July 12. Likely the least unexpected performance, the country artist will also be playing at the Red River Valley Fair. 

Lastly, there’s Disney Princess—Concert on July 11. This might be the most surprising event that I came across. With various Broadway actors and animation voice actors, this is a concert to relive childhood memories and hear some Disney songs live.

The Lights

Soul Asylum and Gear Daddies will be performing on June 15. Soul Asylum is an 80s rock band that formed in Minneapolis and, similarly, Gear Daddies is a rock band from Austin, Minnesota. So, if you are a person who prefers to support more local artists, this could be an event to look into.

On July 25, there’s Brothers Osborne, a country duo consisting of T.J. and John Osborne. Brothers Osborne will be playing in West Fargo this summer.

There’s also Ice Cube on August 30. Ice Cube is a rapper who began to create music in the 80s and 90s and will be one of the performances that will be occurring later in the summer season.


Lastly, we have Cody Johnson with Justin Moore & Drake Milligan on May 18. One last country act to round out this list, this is the concert that is coming up fast after the end of the semester.

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