Singles for singles

You’ll be banging more than your head to this playlist


For centuries, artists of all genres have been creating heartfelt love songs as they pine away for their lovers.

This playlist is guaranteed to win over the one you’re after, but of course, always with consent. Consent is no joke.

‘Rhinestone Cowboy’

Like a rhinestone cowboy, your charm is irresistible.

Your sweetheart won’t be able to resist you when you roll up in your 2002 Pontiac Firebird, windows down and Glen Campbell crooning away from your sick after-market sound system that’s double what the car cost you.

‘Cotton-Eyed Joe’

Remix or original, “Cotton-Eyed Joe” is a heartthrob.

If you want to charm the pants off someone, for lack of a better term, trade in your cowboy hat for a fedora.

Rip a fat vape cloud to roll out into the night in.

‘Old Town Road’

We all know this song that came out of nowhere thanks to Tik Tok, but we should be thankful.

“Old Town Road” is the perfect mix of trap and country.

‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

Playing this song will not get you “Rick-Rolled,” but a chance to roll around in the sheets instead.

‘My Heart Will Go On’

A classic love song.

Need I say more?


No, not the Adele song that swept the world in 2015, but the 1983 hit by Lionel Richie that has been played during steamy bedroom sessions ever since.

(Sorry mom and dad, this is strictly satirical).

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