Real or Fake: Super Bowl Contenders

The contenders and pretenders of the NFL landscape

We are now through six weeks of NFL football, and we have seen some teams underperform and some teams over perform. When that happens, it can get hard to tell what teams are really in a place to contend for a Super Bowl. So, let’s look at the top five teams in each conference to decide whether or not they really have a chance to win it all. 


Ravens: Real

The Ravens are currently sitting at 5-1 and are at the top of the AFC, and this is no fluke. Lamar Jackson has been playing better than his MVP season, they have had a top three rush defense this season and they have beaten some very good teams like the Chiefs and the Chargers. If Lamar can continue to put this team on his back, they have a real chance to win it all this season.

Chargers: Fake

Don’t get me wrong, the Chargers are still a very good football team. I just don’t think they are ready. Despite having a good pass defense, they have one of the worst rush defenses in the league as of now, and their offense has gone to sleep in multiple games this season.

Titans: Fake

This is another situation where a good team just isn’t at that next level. They have Derrick Henry, but I don’t think that he is enough to immediately consider them contenders. I have fallen for that trap before, so I’ll believe it when I see it.

Bills: Real

I already know what is on your mind here, the Titans just beat the Bills, so why are the Bills real but the Titans aren’t? The Bills are just the better team, we have seen good teams lose to some not as good teams, it just happens sometimes. The Bills are leading the NFL in takeaways and have a top six offense with what I think is the best defense in the league. There is no debate, the Bills are for real.

Bengals: Fake

This team has impressed so far this season, but let’s all be honest here, they are not ready yet. And that is fine, they had the worst team in the NFL a few years ago so the fact they even made the list is crazy. They have a lot of young talent that is only going to get better as the years go on, but for now, they are not ready.

Chiefs: Real

Alright, I know they are sitting last in their own division, but it is still the Chiefs. Even when Patrick Mahomes is having a season not up to his standards, this can still be an elite offense, and a good football team. I am not going to count them out just yet.


Cardinals: Real

The Cardinals have really been fun to watch. They have beat some solid teams, and are the last remaining unbeaten team in the NFL. They have a top five offense, and are third in takeaways in the NFL. Kyler Murray has played like a stud all year, and he has such a good team backing him up. I am not totally sold on them yet, just because of how good the NFC is, but they have as good a shot as anyone else this year.

Buccaneers: Real

This team is about as good as we thought they would be. They won the Super Bowl last year, and kept all the main pieces on offense and defense. They also have this guy named Tom Brady. I mean you can’t count out a Tom Brady led team any year, so this really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Especially when they have the best rush defense in the NFL.

Packers: Fake

I think the Packers are fake for one main reason: They haven’t played any really good teams. They have been winning and have good stats to go along with that, but I think playing bad teams helps you boost those stats. There is plenty of time for this decision to change, but they are going to have to play well in their upcoming games against the Cardinals and Chiefs.

Cowboys: Real

The Cowboys have the best offense in the NFL, while also being second in the NFL in takeaways. Like I said in my story last week, Trevon Diggs is a very important piece to this defense being successful, and he grabbed another pick six last week. Dak Prescott was also able to have a 400 plus yard game, Ezekiel Elliott seems to be back to his 2016 self and all that leads me to believe is that they are ready to contend this year. 

Rams: Real

The only thing in the way of the Rams being at the top of this list was the Cardinals. If they had won their game against them, they would be sitting at 6-0 right now instead of Arizona. The Rams have a top 10 offense in the NFL, and are 5th in takeaways. This team is legit, and I do think that they could compete in the NFC, despite how competitive the conference looks.

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