Your partner is probably too embarrassed to say they enjoy these fall dates

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A guide to fall for the Un-romantic

You may not be up on the latest fall activities propagated by our intense need for all things spooky and cozy but don’t worry, I have done the hard investigative work for you. In recent times, fall has become the most fashionable season but is no different from summer or winter in terms of excitement. 

Spooky Ghost photoshoot: If you have a healthy relationship with TikTok then you probably haven’t heard of this new trend. Basically, you and your friends buy some bedsheets go to a public place, throw on the sheet with glasses on over it and take pictures. Wow, that was weirdly hard to explain. 

Just find the “Oh Klahoma” sound on TikTok and emulate what you see. It is sure to be a fun and new adventure that your partner will be able to show their friends. You don’t have to post the photos at all if that’s not your thing but it can be fun. Extra points if you can get your dog to stay still long enough to join the challenge.

Fall playlist: I know bars are open in Fargo but many are pretty much saying “hell no” to spooky bar hopping or parties this year. It’s important to find spooky songs to lift the mood during an unusually spooky season. 

There is nothing wrong with the classics like “Monster Mash,” “Thriller” and “the Rocky Horror picture show” soundtrack. 

Fall food ideas: It is important to understand that food and fall are best friends. Think cinnamon, thanksgiving apple bobbing. While apple bobbing may not be “Covid friendly” there is nothing wrong with filling a sink with water and solo bobbing when no one is looking.

Seriously, seasonally appropriate food can be fun and not just for older generations. So make your pies, and get that cozy feeling we all need desperately.

Outdoor activities: 
The leaves are absolutely popping all around the Midwest. The North Dakota tourism department has sighted many parks as great places to see the leaves. This includes the southern Red River Valley right here in Fargo.

This is definitely the easiest way to impress your partner, take them to a park just to watch the leaves fall. I notice the air is especially sweet on those long fall walks.

Just do the thing: 
I know midterms are coming up and we are all stressed out but just do the thing. That thing your partner has talked about doing for months or years. Yes, I said this was about what they are too afraid to ask but let’s face it, they have asked.

I know that there are pumpkin patches in my future and probably some dreaded photo shoots, but I also know that I will probably like it on some deep level.

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