NDSU plans to change official school colors and mascot

Faculty meets to discuss the new face of NDSU and students express their opinions on the new change

Anne Kesler | Photo Courtesy
If you keep your eyes open enough, oh, the stuff you will learn! The most wonderful stuff!

A big change is coming to NDSU’s community in the fall of 2021 and students are expressing their excitement about it.

NDSU’s current mascot “Thundar,” which resembles the American Bison, comes from the term “thundering herd,” a nickname given to NDSU athletic teams since changing its name from “Aggies” to “Bison” in 1919.

Recently, it has come to the attention of the NDSU faculty that the school colors and mascot have continued to be the same for over 100 years and are due for an update.

Keeping up with the times is something the university strives to do, changing its school colors and mascot is the first step. So what is the faculty planning for the switch up?

NDSU faculty held a meeting last week Thursday on a good fit for the new mascot. They came to the conclusion that the 1957 Dr. Seuss’ character, Cat in the Hat is a perfect match for NDSU’s new mascot.

According to Wikipedia, Cat in the Hat is “almost always relaxed even when utter chaos unfolds around him.” This is a major reason as to why the university chose this particular character, students should keep calm and focus whenever they are in a stressful situation.

“I think that Cat in the Hat is the best choice for the next mascot,” Jerrica Johnston, a first-year business administration student said. “Students will look up to this new mascot in a nostalgic way as he was part of most of our childhoods.”

The faculty decided that the new school colors will be red and black to correlate with the mascot’s uniform. However, this is subject to change as Cat in the Hat is often seen on a blue background, so blue and red are possible options as well.

“Green and yellow just aren’t cutting it for students anymore,” Johnston said. “Red and black are better colors and match every other class B school in North Dakota.”

The faculty is still open for discussion on this matter. However, they prefer students to send a written letter to the west dining center.

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