NDSU football win over UND overturned

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
Turns out, UND is the new football capital of North Dakota.

In a stunning move, the FCS helps maintain the Fighting Hawks perfect record

The NDSU football team’s statement win over the UND Fighting Hawks just a couple of weeks ago has officially been overturned by the FCS, giving the Fighting Hawks the victory. The FCS noted the Bison had a plethora of unfair advantages entering the rivalry matchup that made the game unfair, and due to these advantages, the game should never have been played.

Some of NDSU’s advantages laid out in the FCS’s statement that was released via social media this past Tuesday included, ‘having better players’ and ‘a large gap in coaching ability.’

The statement also noted that NDSU had simply been the better football program for “far too long” and that it was time to give somebody else a chance.

To the delight of many Fighting Hawk fans, the statement also touched on the performance of the officiating crew from the day of the game.

“The false start on UND called with 12:29 left in the first quarter was an officiating mistake that had a large effect on the outcome of the game,” the statement read. “With the benefit of video replay, it became clear the player that caused the penalty was simply scratching himself, and no flag should have been thrown.”

During the game, many keyboard warriors took to social media, pleading with anyone that would listen that if the referees had simply called a fair game, the Fighting Hawk’s 21 point loss would have gone differently.

“It’s sickening really,” said one person on Twitter with the username UNDrulesNDSUdrools. “We cannot overcome the clear gap in talent if the referees are on their side too.”

“Clearly rigged,” posted another disgruntled Fighting Hawk’s fan. “NDSU wins eight championships in nine years and all of the sudden they think they’re better than everyone else?!? They’re good, but without the refs, they’d have zero titles.”

FCS’s ruling shot UND onto the top of the top-25 rankings. The Fighting Hawks once again have a perfect record, as NDSU now drops to 4-2 on the season.

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