MSUM buys out NDSU

The Bison switch to the Dragons

New dragon statue in place of the bison. Photo Courtesy | Hayden Austin

Minnesota State University Moorhead bought out North Dakota State University this past week. Starting next academic school year MSUM will have two campuses in the Fargo/Moorhead area, and NDSU will no longer be a university. 

MSUM will be the first state university to have a campus outside of the state that it originated.

MSUM has recently come into enormous amounts of money and has decided to expand its campus. Being NDSU has been under some serious heat this past year due to global warming, the Minnesota college is bringing its progressive ways into North Dakota. According to Dr. Johnson who teaches in the Agriculture Department at the Fargo campus says he totally saw this coming and isn’t at all surprised that it got purchased.

Along with buying the rights to NDSU, MSUM is making plans to build two more high rises on the Fargo campus. They will be tearing down Burgum Hall and the President’s house starting next week and replacing them with new dorms. Having these two new living spaces on 12th Ave. will keep costs down being parking Lot T is right across the road which is never full anyway. 

Students from both schools have stressed their concern for what will happen with the football teams. Well, being the Fargo campus has a better track record, the Moorhead campus is getting rid of its football team completely.

With that being said, the arts will combine both schools to utilize full protentional of all its students. Choir, band, jazz band, theater arts and more will all smoosh together and be taught my Dr. Carter from MSUM. He said that he is retiring this semester but rumors have stated that he will be back next fall to make everyday a great day. 

Being MSUM holds billions of dollars now, they are getting rid of parking permits all together. This will lead to free parking in all MSUM lots.

The NDSU bison statue was torn down next week and was replaced with the MSUM dragon. Thunder is no longer the mascot for NDSU campus as the dragons will take over. The dragon will replace throughout campus causing a multi-million dollar remodel.

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