Liberal Bias is Harming Academia

Our public universities do not teach students how to think critically on issues concerning morality. This bias is both unfair and dangerous.

Fortunately, liberal bias is easy to identify. Once you learn to identify it, it is fairly easy to resist, and you can begin thinking for yourself. We need people that can do this now more than ever.

Liberals frame every moral issue in terms of equality and freedom. Furthermore, they assign an oppressor group (typically white, heterosexual, men) and a victim group.

The oppressor group is the unfair beneficiary of a particular inequality at the expense of the victim group. This inequality can include access to material and social resources or the freedom to behave a certain way.

The victim group is devoid of any responsibility for this inequality; it is nearly always the oppressors’ fault. Liberals label anything less than total sympathy for the victim group as a form of sexism, racism, classism, ableism or whatever “ism” is popular to cite this particular week.

The problem with doing this is that this narrative rarely conforms to reality. Liberals suffer from confirmation bias, which causes them to search for ways in which white, heterosexual, men are causing all of society’s problems. They ignore obvious counterexamples.

Not all moral issues can be framed within the context of equality and freedom.

Equality and freedom are, to a certain extent, conflicting values. Most students are too conditioned by our education system to realize this.

So despite all of their conviction, liberals have no idea what kind of world they want to create. Their misguided activism is dangerous.

Issues are beginning to emerge that humanity is ill-prepared to address, in particular transhumanism and artificial intelligence. We need people that can rationally analyze the situation, not mindlessly promote liberal ideology.

I believe that liberal values, when carried out to their logical conclusion in conjunction with transhumanism, pose a threat to humanity. The contradictions in liberal ideology will become apparent once this begins happening. It may also be too late to do anything about the situation.

Instead of aligning with causes that promote conflicting goals such as equality and diversity, students need to be directing their efforts towards answering the tough philosophical questions facing humanity.

Here is a short list of such questions.

1.) Should all forms of earthly suffering be eliminated? Or would this lead to a pointless existence as described in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World?”

2.) Is it possible for two equally moral people to have conflicting moral values (such as with different cultures)? If so, how should this conflict be resolved?

3.) Is it morally acceptable for Western civilization to push its individualistic values onto the rest of the world, which tends to be collectivist?

For many of you, the meaning and relevance of these questions will be difficult to understand. This is a symptom of how poorly our education system is preparing students for our changing world.

Part of the reason for this inadequacy is that our universities are diverse only in a superficial sense.

The most meaningful kind of diversity, diversity of opinion, is being actively suppressed at public universities all over the country. People are scared to question liberal ideology for fear of the repercussions.

The world is rapidly changing in ways that many people are not ready to deal with. This change will not arrive with safe spaces and trigger warnings, but it will arrive nonetheless.

We can either deal with these issues now, on our terms, or shelter ourselves from reality and face them unprepared. It is our decision.

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  1. 1) in the last century, government was the leading cause of suffering. The answer to this is not more government.
    2) Freedom is the only for a multicultural society to exist. There will be some people who will not want to serve gays in their shop; liberals will have to tolerate this moral stance.
    3) Depends on what you mean by push… With the rise of the internet and free exchange of ideas, people are becoming more individualistic on their own.

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