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Letter to the Editor | Voting in North Dakota

With the upcoming election looming in the near future, it’s been brought to our attention that the information available for North Dakota residents pertaining to voting is lacking. It’s lacking in ease of access as well as having the correct information if you can manage to find anything. The main source of supposedly reliable information is the Secretary of State’s website, and even that is a disaster.

There’s both old and new information on the website, and who’s to know what is actually correct. What would be helpful is if the Secretary of State would change all of the information available on the website to the current laws, instead of directing people to another website when asked about it.

The voting laws from the previous election got repealed and are no longer valid for the current election. Because of this, North Dakota has reverted back to how it used to be for this election. This means that while it’s encouraged to have a valid driver’s license in the district you’re voting in, there’s also the option of using a voter’s affidavit, as long as you’re a North Dakota resident. A voter’s affidavit is a signed document that swears you reside at the address you’re using to vote.

It’s important to be properly informed on the current laws so you don’t get wrongfully turned away on the election day!

So here’s a list of options you have when going to vote in the district you’ve lived in for a minimum of 30 days:

  • A valid driver’s license with your current address, or non-driver’s ID
  • Tribal government issued identification
  • Long-term care certificate
  • Voter’s affidavit

Kristin Haugen


Social Work/HDFS

Senior student

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