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A review of Beans Coffee Bar

Since coming to college my caffeine intake has skyrocketed. I practically run off of various caffeine drinks and since becoming a barista I have also become quite the coffee snob. Gone are the days of me going through the Starbucks drive thru, in place of a much more sophisticated taste. 

If you are anything like me, or hopefully are willing to change your ways, you have realized that the big coffee corporations just do not cut it when it comes to quality. In a quest to find quality coffee shops I have decided to take to the streets of Fargo. 

Over the next few weeks I will be examining local coffee shops and reviewing them based on taste, quality and atmosphere. 


I really wanted to love their drinks, but I was left a little disappointed. The espresso was extremely acidic and tasted watered down. There was not much sweetness. I do however love that they put a mini donut on top of their hot drinks. I was so excited for that cinnamon sugar surprise.

I got a small iced oat milk chai as always, and it was average taste wise. I thought the oat milk they used was not creamy enough and the biggest reason I did not like the chai is because every sip was like doing the cinnamon challenge. 

They topped the chai with a huge pile of cinnamon that made the drinking experience very awful, but once I removed that it was an average chai. I would like to give them a shout out for using crunchy ice though, if you are an ice lover you know what I mean. 

I would rate the drinks a 2/5. I would rate them a point lower if it was not for the donut and ice, and probably would have rated them a point higher if I did not have to do the cinnamon challenge to drink my chai.

My espresso was topped with a mini donut, which was a sweet addition to the drink.
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi


I bought a bag of cinnamon sugar mini donuts, and they were amazing. It is not often I get to eat these delicious treats and they always bring me back to my childhood. 

I used to love going to events at the Civic Center in Bismarck, fairs, carnivals and everything else in between where the donut stands were waiting for me. Seeing them on the menu got me so excited.

I have never been to a shop that sells these before and I think it is such a fun idea. They made the donuts fresh and handed me a warm bag of cinnamon sugar donuts that melted in my mouth. I can see these being an amazing pairing with a warm cup of coffee. I give their food a 5/5.

When cinnamon sugar donuts are an option, you will always find me buying them.
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Atmosphere and Overall

The store was very nice and updated. They had your standard table and chair seating, which is not my favorite when looking for a spot to sit down and work or study for long periods of time. It is also quite far from campus as it is located in West Fargo, but if you are looking for a sweet treat they are a good trip to make. 

The staff was incredibly nice and friendly. I will definitely be back for the donuts, however not for the drinks. Overall I rate Beans Coffee Bar a 2/5. 

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