Hello college students who can not cook

A review of Hello Fresh

I can definitely see myself ordering from here again. The food ended up great and the ingredients were perfect and fresh. I love cooking and cook all the time but if you do not know how every meal comes with a very detailed instruction sheet with pictures, it’s almost possible to mess up. 

It is so great to be able to make a small recipe, in my case two servings and not have to spend $40 at the grocery store to get fresh ingredients and then have a bunch of excess food. They portion everything depending on the number of servings which I found to be the best part because I did not feel bad about cooking at home and having extra food or ingredients that were going to go to waste because there was not any. 

I got four meals for the week and with a promotion it was only $35 which I believe they offer to most people as just a normal sign on. You can choose the amount of meals you want per week so for the four meals for two people it would cost about $85 without the promotion. 

This seems expensive but the more I have thought about it the more comfortable I am in investing in the program. I am very busy and usually only have time to cook on the weekends, which means a lot of my meals are either unhealthy frozen food or coming from restaurants, which can get very costly. 

With HelloFresh I can cook the meals and know that I will not have any extra ingredients sitting in my fridge for weeks going bad and wasting my money because I could only purchase chicken breast in a four-pack at the grocery store and use only two of them. These pre-packaged ingredients come with prep and cook times so I was able to space out my meals on week days when I had more or less free time depending on their cook time. 

If you live alone the four meals for two servings can actually accommodate you for eight meals or you could even split the cost with a roommate and then you are really only paying around $43 per week, which for me, is a lot less than what I would typically spend and I could still supplement easy things like sandwiches or ramen when I do not have time to cook between school and work.

As a college student who loves to cook, and cook with healthy and fresh ingredients, I would give HelloFresh an 8 out of 10. 

Well that is enough of me trying to convince you to try HelloFresh, let’s get to the food.

Citrus Pork Tacos

Not to exaggerate, but these were the best tacos I have ever made or eaten that were homemade.

The recipe sheet was easy to follow and this would be a perfect recipe for someone with low cooking experience because the pictures on the instruction sheet show you exactly how everything should be cut and look. 

This recipe features onions, green peppers, ground pork and creme all on a flour tortilla, but lets talk about what goes into those ingredients. 

I started by chopping all of the produce, which included an onion, lime, pepper, orange and cilantro. Then I made a quick pickle using lime juice for ¼ of the onion to top the final dish, which I have never done and made me feel like a true culinary expert. 

I sauteed the rest of the onions and peppers, combined it with the ground pork and cooked all of that in the juice from the orange along with a tex-mex paste and seasoning packet that was provided. As that was cooking I warmed my tortillas and made the creme which was made up of sour cream and half of the seasoning packet provided, which was amazing I might add. 

The whole process took about 30 minutes and once everything was prepared and assembled I think I devoured it in about 5. I would give these tacos a 10/10

The step by step instruction sheet provided with each meal makes the cooking process very easy. Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Meatloaf à la mom

The Meatloaf à la mom meal is pictured here supplemented with a salad from target to stretch two servings to three.
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Amazing again, I recommend this dish to anyone who is missing their mom’s cooking. Exactly like the title of the dish, this meal tastes like it came straight from my mom’s house. 

This meal was slightly easier to make than the tacos and the step by step directions will keep any chef of any skill level on track. 

I started by preparing my potatoes, as they took the longest in the oven followed by making the meatloaf, seasoning the green beans and throwing them in the oven with the potatoes after about five minutes.

The gravy that goes on top was super simple to make, and in my opinion was the best part of the dish. 

I ordered two serving meals, but there were three of us home when I made this meal so I supplemented in a salad kit from Target and there was more than enough food for all of us. 

The meatloaf meal was an 8 out of 10 in my book just because the potatoes were a bit bland as the recipe only had them seasoned with salt and pepper.

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