Grant’s Grub: Twin Peaks

The newest addition to the chain opened in Fargo earlier this month

Twin Peaks Website | Photo Courtesy
The menu offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches and more.

When I was first told that “lumberjack Hooters” finally came to town, it’s safe to say that I was somewhat confused and taken aback by that statement. After digging for answers, the result that I found was nothing short of extraordinary.

Twin Peaks, founded in 2005 in Lewisville, Texas, drew many comparisons from Hooters immediately upon opening. So many so, in fact, that Hooters sued the ex-executive and founder in 2011 when they slowly began expanding.

With only thirteen locations at the time, Twin Peaks has grown immensely since then and now has over 80 locations. With a restaurant chain of this size making its way north, it was surprising to only hear about it just now as it entered the Fargo-Moorhead area.

Located in central Fargo, where Shotgun Sally’s used to reside, Twin Peaks offers the atmosphere that their brand promised from the beginning. As the slogan states that Twin Peaks is filled with “Eats, Drinks and Scenic Views”, the restaurant makes fun of itself right away.

While most attend with groups for the “high-quality service”, we attended for the stellar food that was recommended by a waitress’s significant other. While we did enter with some expectations and menu recommendations, the food surpassed what we could have imagined.

Popular menu items include the Spicy Meatball Parmesan and Smoked Pork Cubano sandwiches, as well as the Billionaire’s Bacon Burger. Each of us got a different item on the menu, along with a handful of side dishes, with none of us regretting visiting.

While most simply attend for the food and drinks, there is an extra attraction for the avid golf lover. With courses being closed for the winter in the frighteningly cold Fargo weather, Twin Peaks offers multiple high-end golf simulators.

For $50/hour per group, attendees can enjoy the closest thing to golfing that Fargo has to offer this time of year, while also enjoying some delicious food and beverages. It may not live up to the vast greens that other golf courses in the area have during the spring and summer months, but it’s still a great way to get out and have some fun being semi-active.

Some may come strictly for the service at Twin Peaks on their first time visiting, but they would be quick to learn to return again and again for the food. With an environment that combines Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings and Top Golf, Twin Peaks is sure to make its mark on Fargo and stick around for years to come.

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