Grant’s Grub: Beer & Fish Company

Local surf and turf spot, Beer & Fish Company, offers high-end coastal food

Grant Ayers | Photo Courtesy
The “Mahi-Mahi Fish and Chips” is one of their most popular items on the menu.

It’s nearly unanimous that coastal seafood that’s worth venturing out for is hard to come across in the middle of North America away from the coasts. It’s even harder to come across seafood that people will recommend to their friends as a must-see restaurant. This makes for an even more shocking discovery when checking out Beer & Fish Co. in Downtown Fargo.

Tucked away in the middle of Roberts Alley, one of the most popular side streets in the downtown area, Beer & Fish offers a wide range of seafood, sandwiches, pasta and steaks. Immediately upon walking in, the local hotspot advertised itself as a higher-end surf-and-turf joint with large plates worth the price of admission.

Beer & Fish is a relatively new restaurant as it opened in Dec. 2019. Pushing forward the “urban setting” of downtown Fargo, they offer a nearly 6,000 square feet eatery with a game room and outdoor patio in the warmer months.

While there was a bit of wait to get a table in the late afternoon on a weeknight, it goes for good reasoning as their food has been hailed as some of the best in the newest downtown restaurants. It was in high demand, as another attendee claimed that it was “some of the best seafood you can get without having to purchase a plane ticket.”

The food is higher end, yet their priorities lay within offering quality and quantity, rather than one over the other. The staff was more than friendly to their customers, as employees aim to push forward an eating environment that people will return to time and time again.

When questioning the waiter what the most popular, and his personal favorite, drinks and meals were, it was shocking to hear that he had the same answer for both. The top drinks include their House Mojito in four different flavors, as well as the Tiki Tea, which is listed as “A tropical take on a long island, using our very own lemonade.”

The staff highly recommended the mahi-mahi fish and chips, and it wasn’t without good reason. Being some of the freshest seafood in the Fargo-Moorhead area, the first bite alone was worth returning to Beer & Fish again soon.

For the brave and daring that wish to try new foods at an affordable price, the restaurants “Happyest Hour” offers $2 fresh oysters and discounted drinks in the mid-afternoon, daily. To put a final touch on the meal, the restaurant also offers Gooey Butter and Chocolate Fudge Cakes to put the cherry on top of a delicious meal.

No matter the time of day that people attend however, customers will not miss out on a fresh change of pace in Downtown Fargo. While Beer & Fish may have opened only two years ago, it’s a surefire success that’s here to stay for years to come.  

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