Games to play during lockdown

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You can fill countless boring hours with Animal Crossing.

It can get really boring being stuck inside all day staring at the wall. Logging in every once in a while, to turn in an online assignment before going back to staring at the wall or scrolling through social media for hours on end.

You need something to fill in these gaps in between your online schooling. The best remedy to this boredom is video games, but what video games exactly?

What video games will be able to captivate you? What will you be able to sink countless hours into to get through this turbulent time? Well, there are quite a lot.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you own a Nintendo Switch and don’t have New Horizons yet, you are missing out. There is no better game to sink weeks into.

You are thrown onto a remote island and are left to build up a village filled with animal villagers. Collect countless bugs, fish, art pieces, fossils, fruits, furniture, clothing, music and so much more.

If you’d rather design your own clothes and furniture you can with a very in-depth custom design portion. Your only limit is your imagination.

New Horizons even goes in real-time so when it is noon in the real world it is noon in your village. The seasons go with the real seasons and you can celebrate holidays in the virtual space while you are celebrating them in the real world.

Literally hours of content right there at your fingertips. There really isn’t a better game to fill this strange time.

World of Warcraft

If a calming island oasis isn’t your style, then why not subscribe to World of Warcraft for a month and see how that goes. You will enter a huge world known as Azeroth filled with colorful characters and undergo an adventure for the ages.

Choose a side, Horde or Alliance, then choose a race and a class before entering the world of Azeroth. Level from 1-110 and if you are hooked them purchase Battle for Azeroth to level to 120.

Hundreds upon hundreds of quests await you along with so much loot. Convince your friends to join you and together you can save the world then move onto the next world, there are technically three different worlds in the game.

No zone is alike, and you will get sucked into the story and the world. All it takes is a small price of $15 for one month and you will never want to leave.

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Do you want to live in medieval times and forge your own legacy? Fight giant wars and make your mark in history? Well with Mount and Blade II you can.

Choose your backstory, create your character then get thrust into a world with nothing but a pocket of gold and a horse. Head off and create your own story.

Will you become a vassal of a nearby kingdom and destroy their enemies? Will you lead a small band of barbarians and attack anyone you see? Will you marry someone for power and rise in the ranks that way? Will you become an influential trader and amass a fortune?

The choice is yours and yours alone. Be who you want to be in this massive game that gets even more massive with each update.

While it may take some time to learn some of the mechanics there is no better time than now when you are sitting at home. You will definitely find some fun in this.

There are so many more games out there that can fill your time. These three are just some that will most definitely hold your attention for hours on end, and they keep getting bigger.

Hopefully, you will find some enjoyment out of these or out of any game that you choose to fill these long hours with.

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