New duds on the block

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The Falcons’ new uni’s don’t exactly stick the landing.

A whopping seven NFL teams are debuting new uniforms for the 2020 season

With a new NFL season coming up seven NFL teams decided to update their uniforms. The Chargers and Patriots knocked it out of the park, while the Browns and Colts kept it simple and the Buccaneers missed a golden opportunity to bring back a fan favorite. The Falcons, however, fell flat on their face with their new uniforms. The Los Angeles Rams released a new logo that got mocked, ridiculed and laughed at in the court of public opinion but has not yet released new jerseys.

6. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons tried to get futuristic with their new threads and it didn’t turn out well. When looking at the uniforms I get New York Jets vibe with them, and the new Jets uniforms received mixed reviews when they were released last season. The Falcons updated their kits for the first time since 2002 and it feels lackluster. On the bright side, they are keeping their 1966 throwback uniforms as a wardrobe staple.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs finally gave up on the ugly uniforms that they introduced back in 2015. The new Bucs uniforms are inspired by the 1997-2013 era. However, with the hype for Tampa Bay at an all-time high after the addition of Tom Brady, the Bucs missed a huge opportunity to bring back the fan-favorite creamsicle uniforms. The new uniforms aren’t bad and are actually pretty clean, however, the Bucs get punished for not bringing back the creamsicles.

4. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts really didn’t change their uniform too much as they just changed the font for their numbers to mirror their new wordmark. Not much to say on these as they kept it simple and they still look really good. It would’ve been nice to see them introduce a black jersey or even some black into the uniform since they did add it to their color scheme.

3. Cleveland Browns

The Browns showed that sometimes keeping it simple is the best move. These Browns uniforms are clean. The uniforms are similar to the uniforms of the ’50s through ’80s and they eliminated the “BROWNS” branding on the leg and Cleveland across the chest. It’s hard to get crazy with brown and orange but the Browns did what they should do, keep it simple.

2. New England Patriots

With the Tom Brady era coming to an end, the Pats decided to switch their uniforms up. However, they didn’t have to look too far when it came to deciding on a new look as they are adopting their color rush uniforms from past seasons. The new uniforms also show an ode to their throwback uniforms with shoulder stripes. Their red throwbacks may still reign supreme, but these new digs will do.

1. Los Angeles Chargers

The best uniforms in the NFL just got even better. The Chargers embraced the powder blue after years of trying to make navy work. The addition of the yellow pants are sharp and work really well with both the powder blue and white jersey’s. They also threw it back a bit with the helmets by adding the numbers on them, making them the only team in the NFL to have numbers on their helmets. They are also keeping their royal blue color rush uniforms along with an all-navy uniform. The Chargers didn’t simply throw it back, but they reinvented the look that football fans have been wanting them to bring back for years.

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