Fun Things To Do This Summer

We are really here, Bison: we made it to dead week! I hope you guys are not actually dead. We might just be a little too close. Finals are upon us, and I sincerely wish the best for everyone. Whether it be exams, papers or projects, finals are no easy feat. We have got it, though! I do not know what all of you are up to this summer, but I hope you have a bit of free time. I know I will be spending most of my time working, but on the off chance that I have a free afternoon, I am going to need something to do. So, I have decided to brainstorm some free-time ideas for all of us.

1. Read your Bible

You know I had to do it. This is always going to be my number one suggestion. We all know that reading is good for keeping our minds sharp, especially in the off-season for school. Keep those brains moving, and suck up some helpful words while you’re at it. Reading the Bible is like reading a self-help book that actually has good things to do such as getting your focus off yourself. Grow your mind and your spirit this summer. Read your Bible. Maybe even a study Bible if you want some context to go along with your reading!

2. Take a walk (or a run if you don’t have asthma)

That asthma thing is absolutely directed at me. I have asthma. No runs for me. Maybe if I had been trained as a runner, I would be fine, but I am not. I suck at running. I suck at breathing. It’s gotta be a walk for me. However, I am so not complaining; I love walks! It gives me a chance to just enjoy nature. Some special ways to enjoy this could be taking a pet on a walk, walking with friends, going to a cool trail to walk, listening to music while you walk or just walking by yourself. There are so many ways to enjoy walks, and there are so many benefits. Nothing clears my mind quite like a walk with my dog. My dog is there so I don’t get lonely, but I also have plenty of time to process my emotions because he cannot talk, so he can’t distract me. Take a walk—or two or a lot more—this summer.

3. Bike somewhere fun

Walking is great and all, but depending on where you live, walking can’t really get you anywhere. I live in a small town, so walking can get me to a few gas stations, and that’s about it. However, a bike ride could get me to a coffee or ice cream shop in no time. Well, a little time, but it would be so worth it! Biking is a wonderful leg workout, but it is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors. It is so much harder for bees to sting you when you are biking, which is part of why I love biking so much. Avoid bees: go for a bike ride. Go somewhere fun and maybe get yourself a little treat as a reward for braving the outdoors! 

4. Go hammocking

This one is contingent on you owning a hammock and also being somewhere near trees. If you do have both of these things, yay! Go hammocking—even better, read your Bible while you’re hammocking. Hammocking is such a great way to feel like you are not part of the world. You are literally being held up in the air. If you love this feeling, go hammocking, read your Bible or take a nap! Hammock naps are just far above any other nap. Try it out!

5. Go to the beach

This one is also contingent on you living near a beach. Hopefully, you do. Go to it! Sit by the water! Go in the water! READ YOUR BIBLE ON THE BEACH! Bring snacks! Bring friends! Bring a speaker! Bring sunscreen! Bring pails and shovels so you can make sandcastles! Go to the beach to watch the sunset! Or the sunrise! There are so many fun things you can do on the beach; just don’t get too sunburned. It’s dangerous out there.

I hope someone found my ideas helpful. I know they are all kind of basic and predictable, but I am just trying to encourage everyone to get out of the house. Our days of studying inside all day are almost over, so enjoy the world, enjoy your friends, and enjoy nature. Wear sunscreen, though! Seriously. Do not get skin cancer. Do not do it for the tan. It is not worth it. Have a great summer, Bison, and I will see you next semester!

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