Fargo works to control street racing

The Fargo Police look for new ways to control racing after complaints

Street racing has been a growing concern for the Fargo Police Department as they have seen an increase of violations. The department is working at enforcing new tactics to control the problem. 

According to the Fargo Police Department, “Street racing usually involves motorists driving at excessive speeds which threatens the safety of not only those who are racing, but other motorists and pedestrians in the area.”

According to Valley News, “Fargo Police says they have issued more than 70 citations over the course of a week.” Comparing numbers from 2020 to 2021, there has been a slight increase in speeding, exhibition and drag racing, according to the Fargo Police Department. They have also received an increased number of complaints from residents in the area. Most complaints are occurring during the evening hours.  

According to the Fargo Police Department, they have “Tasked officers with conducting traffic stops on individuals who are driving at excessive speeds and/or racing.” The most common violations included paying a fine of $50 for exhibition driving and $100 for racing. Those who receive violations for reckless driving are charged with a class B misdemeanor, a $500 fine and must appear in court. 

The majority of the violations are occurring on the thoroughfares throughout the city. Areas of complaints and instances are occurring on 19th Avenue North, 25th Street South and 64th Avenue South. The majority of complaints have occurred on 10th Street North between the 1200 and 1700 blocks. 

“The department has also dedicated resources to focus on areas of town which receive the most traffic complaints involving speeding, racing and exhibition driving,” according to the Fargo Police Department. 

The Fargo Police Department is also looking to gain legislation on the issue. According to Valley News, the legislation would fall into owners’ responsibility, which would hold the owners of vehicles accountable. If the legislation would pass, it could mean that owners would be changed and prosecuted. 

The Fargo Police Department is looking for new ways to prevent and control street racing as part of 2022 planning. “Enforcement will increase when 13 new officers complete their training,” according to Inforum.

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