Use falconry to take out robots in ‘Falcon Age’

Who would have thought falcons would be humanity’s greatest asset?

Falconry is a form of sport hunting where the hunter uses a trained hawk to take down prey. Normally this prey consists of other birds, small mammals and other equally sized animals. But what about an army of invading robots?

Created by Outerloop Games and coming out April 9 for PlayStation 4, “Falcon Age” is a first-person action-adventure game where the player takes on the role of a falcon hunter named Ara.

As Ara, you must hunt to survive and fight an army of robots that have decimated your world, and along the way, regain her people’s lost culture.

The adventure starts off with Ara in jail, awaiting her fate. There, she befriends a young falcon, and they eventually escape together. Afterward, they join a resistance movement against the robotic overlords to take back their home.

Out in the big world, there are quite a few things that Ara and her new pet falcon can do to make something of themselves.

Bond with your bird companion

In “Falcon Age,” you have the options to name, pet, feed, teach and dress up your falcon in a variety of ways.


Numerous animals populate and roam the land. These can be hunted for crucial materials and food.

Craft falcon snacks

Just like Ara, the falcon needs to eat too. Feed your falcon to buff, heal and strengthen it for the trials ahead.

Accessorizing your falcon friend

There are many options to customize your falcon to look fantastic. There are also other options to increase your fantastic falcon’s effectiveness in combat.

Fight robots

Use a stun baton alongside your falcon to destroy enemy robots.

Dedicated pet button

This feature is simply here to provide some amusing emotes to increase your falcon’s self-esteem.

“Falcon Age” comes out April 9 for PlayStation 4. If you want to take back land from a hostile invader while using a predatory bird to complete that mission, then “Falcon Age” is for you.

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