Classes beginning later? Yes, please

It would be cool if NDSU started class later on Mondays

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8 a.m. on a Monday after Spring Break is not a good time.

Were you exhausted on the Monday morning after Spring Break? I know I was. I am here today to express that classes should begin at 4:00 p.m. on days when we are just getting back from break or on a long weekend.

It would be nice to have classes start at 4:00 p.m. on days like the Monday after Thanksgiving, Spring Recess and anytime there is a long weekend. Or if NDSU had at least a few later starts on Mondays throughout the semester.

Many students spend their Sunday driving back to campus. When they get back they have to unpack, get food and then start working on homework. Although we had the whole weekend or week (if it was Spring Break), our time off is for doing anything but thinking about school. 

Whether you went on a vacation or just went home for a while, you are most likely to not do homework. I know I didn’t do any classwork over Spring Break. But then when I get to campus, I immediately feel overwhelmed and regret not working on anything. 

But should we really need to feel overwhelmed after the break is over? No.

Classes could start later in the day on Mondays, and I guarantee I would be 99.9% ready for the week. 

If NDSU had at least one Monday a month for classes starting later in the day, I would feel less stressed and a whole lot more relaxed.

As well, if classes started later, we could catch up on sleep or hang out with our friends earlier in the day. You would be able to go out for coffee or lunch. If you went home for the weekend, you probably wouldn’t feel as overwhelmed with all the stuff you have to do. 

NDSU, I would really appreciate it if classes started later in the day at least once a month or even just a few times a semester. There are many times that students are mentally exhausted and then have to be even more tired because of an 8 a.m. class the next morning.

Maybe more students would come to NDSU if they realized, “Woah, NDSU has late starts every month. This would be so beneficial, and I would be able to catch up with friends when I get back to campus, as well as getting in some extra, much-needed sleep.”

How cool would it be if NDSU started classes later on Mondays after a break or at least once a month or a few times a semester? I believe it would benefit us all if classes started later in the day, especially on a few Mondays. 

NDSU, make the change.

Please and sincerely,

An NDSU student

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