1 in 4 College Women Is Not Sexually Assaulted

There is no credible evidence that 1 in 4 women is sexually assault during college, despite the media and feminists claiming otherwise.

This demonstrates feminism is a hypocritical ideology that violates its own system of ethics

It may seem puzzling why I would question this statistic, considering that it was substantiated by the 2015 Campus Survey on Sexual Assault (administered by the Association of American Universities).

The CSSA is a flawed study. Further problematic is that a more reliable alternative, the National Crime Victimization Survey (administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics), contradicts the 1 in 4 claim.

The biggest problem with the CSSA is that it has a response rate of 19.3 percent versus the NCVS which is 74 percent. Low response rates, as seen in the CSSA, are an indication that the study is unreliable.

Further increasing the reliability of the NCVS is that it is administered every 6 months for 3.5 years to the same subjects. Longitudinal studies such as these are more reliable than one-time surveys, such as the CSSA.

The last major problem of the CSSA is that is considers certain activities to be sexual assault, even though they do not meet the legal definition. The NCVS only uses the legal definition.

The CSSA shows 23.1 percent of undergraduate females are raped/sexually assaulted while in college. The NCVS has that number at 3.7 percent for college enrolled females aged 18-24. The number for non-college enrolled females is 4.6 percent.

The 1 in 4 statistic has been a staple of feminist ideology for the past 30 years, even though the NCVS has been continuously contradicting it since 1995. This is because feminism is a pseudoscience that ignores any evidence that contradicts the idea that we live in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

In the rare instance that feminists actually acknowledges the existence of the NCVS, they will dismiss it on the grounds that there are numerous studies which contradict its results. The problem is that these other studies are all flawed for the same reasons as the CSSA.

Unfortunately, this is a good representation of the quality of work created by feminist scholars. It has been my experience that feminist claims of female oppression are equally dubious as their rape statistics, including the pay gap, homelessness, eating disorders, domestic violence and self-esteem.

The feminist peer-review process will acknowledge studies that confirm their dogmatic principles. This gives the illusion that there is a reliable body of evidence to back up their claims.

The NCVS also reveals that women who do not attend college are at a higher risk for rape/sexual assault than their college educated counterparts.

The fact that feminists focus so heavily on college women, despite them being at a lower risk, violates their own intersectional principles.

The only reason the 1 in 4 statistic is taken seriously is not because it is true, but because feminists need it to be true, otherwise their ideology loses its credibility.

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