Wintery Tunes for the Changing of Seasons

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A cool, summer night and a crisp fall day isn’t complete without a soundtrack — and neither is winter.

Imagine yourself braving the harsh gale-force winds as you walk across campus after class and then it’s time to get cozy for the rest of the day because there’s no way you’re going outside again.

Here are some songs that might make you feel better about the nine-month winter that is upon us, even though none of these songs are actually about winter.

‘Step into the Darkness’ – Said the Whale

Winter is like a time machine where it’s somehow always nighttime. It’s dark when you wake up, when you’re on your way to class and then again when you go home for the day.

‘Cold Cold Cold’ – Cage The Elephant 

Need I say more?

The freezing cold temperatures in this godforsaken land are what everyone will be talking about once the temperatures start to drop.

‘The Cold Wind’ – Greta Van Fleet

We all know the feeling … we’re going on the fourth month straight of below freezing temperatures and the wind is howling outside, and you think to yourself, “When will it end?”

Greta Van Fleet captures all that angst in “The Cold Wind,” perfectly titled for a North Dakota winter.

‘Turn Blue’ – The Black Keys

From The Black Keys’ eighth studio album, “Turn Blue” is the perfect song for the music montage of your week where days pass and you don’t even notice because all the days run together.

‘Horchata’ – Vampire Weekend

No winter playlist is complete without “Horchata” by Vampire Weekend.

“In December drinking horchata / I’d look psychotic in a balaclava / Winter’s cold is too much to handle.”

‘Evergreen’ – YEBBA

Winter may have its drawbacks, but it can be beautiful at times, like the morning after it has been snowing all night and the trees are weighed down with fluffy snow.

“Evergreen” is a modern jazz love song that will put a little pep in your step.

For these songs and more, you can find my playlist, “winter.” on Spotify.

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