Wholesome listening

Songs to bathe you in the warmth of their purity

PIXABAY | PHOTO COURTESY Cleanse your soul with these sweet, soothing aural gems.

Sometimes you need to take a break from all the hard-hitting rock and relentlessly upbeat pop and take an aural cleanser.

These songs do just that. Groove along or simply lay back and let yourself melt away into the soothing tunes below.

‘Lay Me Down’ – Crosby and Nash

Full of beautifully delicate acoustic finger picking and soft harmonies that Crosby and Nash (as well as there later iterations) are prided for, “Lay Me Down” is just about as soothing as you can get.

You could seriously meditate to this song or use it as the soundtrack in a spa.

‘Golden Slumbers’ – The Beatles

Off the iconic “Abbey Road” album, “Golden Slumbers” is a dreamy track sung by Paul McCartney. Airy clouds of cotton candy piano float through a sky of muted horns as McCartney croons, “Sleep pretty darling; do not cry, and I will sing you a lullaby.”

Further proof of this song’s wholesomeness is the fact that it was a track sang by Jennifer Hudson’s character in the animated children’s movie “Sing.”

‘Angel Dream (No. 2)’ – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Originally released on the band’s 1996 soundtrack for the movie “She’s the One,” the track was recently re-released as part of the “Best of Everything” artist compilation.

A sparsely inhabited song consisting of only repetitively picked guitars and Petty’s soft, plaintive vocals, Petty tells the story of a dream he had of the one he loves.

‘Simple As This’ – Jake Bugg

While this last selection could also be considered an “oldie but a goodie,” “Simple As This” is the newest song featured in this article by almost 20 years.

This track has been featured on countless movie soundtracks since its release and for good reason. Bugg sings in his now synonymous twain about how he tried all of these complicated ways to fulfill his life, only to find that love was all he needed. Sweet and simple, if it isn’t on your playlist already, it should be.

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