Pinterest Interest | Ways to Keep You Concentrated

Whether due to boredom or anxiety, focusing on the task at hand can be difficult for individuals who deal with ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. This can often impact school, work and day-to-day lives if individuals do not have coping methods or resources on hand to deal with the distracting thoughts.

Over spring break, I personally had to battle with my own anxiety while surrounded by large crowds. Fortunately, Pinterest is a great resource for finding coping strategies, resources and tools to help manage troubles with concentration.

1. Fidget Cube

Whereas the internet has been obsessed with fidget spinners, I personally find them to be too distracting (and not good for concentration or calming down from an anxiety attack) and prefer my Fidget Cube.

As someone who struggles with a combination of generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety, I often use my fidget cube most when I am starting to feel anxious, but it is also a great way for me to fidget discreetly when I need a little help concentrating.

Because of its discreteness, a Fidget Cube would be perfect for almost all situations for people who like to fidget as a way of helping them concentrate.

2. Noise-canceling headphones and instrumental music

This combo is my go-to when I am studying for an exam. I often find that study sessions are the opportune time that my mind decides to wander, and by wearing my headphones and listening to instrumental music, I am able to concentrate better on the task at hand.

Better yet, when my mind inevitably begins to wander, the instrumental music is a nonverbal cue and a friendly reminder to get back to studying.

3. Phone and computer reminders

This final resource from Pinterest only requires you to spend some time creating reminders for yourself on your phone or computer that appear every five, 1o or 15 minutes as a subtle cue to remind you to concentrate on the task at hand.

This is especially effective for those with ADHD as those minds are prone to wander easily and sometimes frequently. Therefore, a silent cue such as a pop-up on your computer or phone is a great way of assisting with our concentration.

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